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Posted By: Hongsheng

Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2022

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Die steel products are used to make molds of cold punching, hot forging and die casting, etc. It is the main processing tool for producing parts in machinery manufacturing, radio instruments, motors and electrical appliances, etc. In addition to the steel grades listed on our website, we can also complete the production of die steel of similar grades in accordance with American Standard (AISI), European Standard (EN), German Standard (DIN) and Japanese Standard (JIS), etc. according to customers requirements.

The quality of the die steel products directly affects the quality of the pressure processing technology, the accuracy of the product and the die steel price, and the quality and interaction of the mold is mainly affected by the mold material and heat treatment in addition to the reasonable structure design and processing accuracy.

As a mold steel material, die steel provided by our die steel supplier can be roughly divided into three types: cold-rolled die steel, hot-rolled die steel and plastic die steel, used for forging, stamping, cutting, die-casting, etc. Due to the different purposes of various types of mould steel and complex working conditions, the hot work die steel used for molds should have high die hardness, strength, abrasion resistance and high hardenability and good molding die design according to the working conditions of the mold made by it. Due to different uses and complex working conditions, the performance requirements for moulding die manufacturing are also different.

In addition to the steel grades listed on our website, we can also complete the production of die tool steel of similar grades in accordance with American Standard (AISI), European Standard (EN), German Standard (DIN) and Japanese Standard (JIS) ,etc. according to customers requirements.
Hot Work Die Steel

Hot-work die steel refers to alloy tool steel suitable for making molds for thermal deformation processing of metals.
Plastic Die Steel

Plastic mold steel is a kind of mould steel material used for plastic production, is main material of plastic mold.
Cold Work Die Steel

Cold work die steel refers to die steel used to deform or shape metal in a cold state. Since cold work molds mostly work at room temperature, the plastic deformation resistance of the material is large, the working stress of the mold is large, and the working conditions are harsh.

FAQs of Die Steel (Mould Steel)
What is die steel?

Die steel is made with plain steel or alloy steel. It is used for the manufacturing of tools, which can be for multiple purposes, including cutting, stamping, shearing, punching, chipping, etc.

What is your MOQ of Mould Steel Material?

15mt each size to produce, and smaller quantity can be available if there is stock in our warehouse.

How to harden the die steel?

Heat treatment (quenching and low temperature tempering). And the surface of the mould steel material can be carburized and nitrided.

How to calculate the weight of mold steel theoretically?

There are two types of mold steel: one is round material and the other is cuboid.

The method of calculating the weight of the round material: diameter (in mm) *diameter (in mm) *length (in mm) *0.0000062=the weight of the round material (in Kg)

The method of calculating the weight of the cuboid: length (in mm) * width (in mm) * thickness (in mm) * 0.00000785 = weight of the cuboid (unit Kg)

It should be noted that all the above dimensions are theoretical dimensions, and the actual dimensions of the material must be considered in order to make calculation more accurately.

What inspections will be done against die steel?

Hardness test, chemical and metallographic analysis, ultrasonic flaw detection (to check for inclusions and internal cracks).

What are the advantages of your die d steel products?

Our die steel price is not very low, but the quality is really good. Our mould steels are in the same quality level as first-line die steel suppliers in China, such as Baosteel and Dongte.

As one of the most professional die steel suppliers and die steel suppliers, we provide tool and die steel, pre hardened steel, die cast steel, tool steel for sale, cold work tool steel and etc. Want to know more about tool steel grades? Please contact us.

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