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Posted By: Hongsheng

Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2022

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As one of the hot die steel manufacturers, we supply high quality hot work die steel to meet the requirements of some customers.

Since hot work steel of die steel products is under high temperature and high pressure conditions for a long time, the hot die steel properties are required to have high strength, hot die steel hardness and thermal stability, especially high thermal strength, thermal fatigue, toughness and wear resistance.

HS DVN/ HS DVN-Nb Hot Work Die Steel

HS DVN / HS DVN-Nb steel has high high-temperature strength and thermal fatigue resistance, is widely used in casting dies.

HS S350 Hot Work Die Steel

The special composition of HS S350 steel makes it have high high-temperature strength and thermal fatigue resistance.

HS PH13 Hot Work Die Steel

HS PH13 optimizes the alloy element ratio on the basis of traditional H13, and reduces the content of harmful elements.

HS H13-MOD Hot Work Die Steel

HS H13-Mod is modified improved high-thermal-strength hot work tool steels, optimizing the ratio of C and Cr alloy elements on the basis of traditional H13, reduces the content of harmful elements.

HS PH11 Hot Work Die Steel

HS PH11 Hot Work Die Steel is modified high-toughness, high-isotropy, high-quality hot work & plastic mold steel with good cold and hot fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance.

HS 2343ESR-S Hot Work Die Steel

As large-size (thickness range 400-750mm) and high-polished plastic mold steel. It has high purity and good structure uniformity through unique smelting and heat treatment process.

HS CR7 Hot Work Die Steel

Under the conditions of high hardness (≥55HRC), HS CR7 still has good red hardness and abrasion resistance, as well as good toughness.

HS 2344 Hot Work Die Steel

HS 2344 is pressure-resistant hot-working die steel whose performance and use are basically the same as that of H13 steel, and it is one of the widely used hot work die steels.

HS 2714 Hot Work Die Steel

HS 2714 is chromium-nickel-molybdenum-vanadium alloy steel with good hardenability, toughness, and thermal resistance. After quenching and tempering, the steel has good overall performance.

FAQs of Hot Work Die Steel

What is hot work die steel?

Hot-work die steel refers to alloy tool steel suitable for making molds for thermal deformation processing of metals, such as hot forging dies, hot extrusion dies, die-casting dies and hot upsetting dies. there are many types such as 4cr5mosiv1, 3cr2w8v and 5crnimo.

What material is suitable for hot-cutting die steel?

The mold steel material has to withstand a lot of impact when working and still maintain high mechanical properties when in contact with high temperatures, so it needs to have high strength, toughness and wear resistance, as well as high tempering stability and thermal fatigue performance. Alloy die steel can meet the requirements, and be used to manufacture thermally deformed dies such as hot forging dies, flashing dies and hot cutting dies.

What is H13 tool steel?

H13 material is a Hot work tools steel with 5% chromium. Its high impact strength protects against cleavage cracking and is easy to machine. This steel is designed to retain hardness at elevated temperatures and withstand the effects of alternate heating cooling. In China, the corresponding steel grade to it is 4Cr5MoSiV1.

Want to know more details of hot work steel, contact us.

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Hi All, anyone can give input on PR Application still in progress about 1 year 3 months now, but my passport going to expire already in June 2024 which remaining about 3 months validity only...

Should I provide my latest passport to ICA?

And what will happens if I don't provide the latest passport to ICA?

Hope someone here can give advice on this.
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Although ICA may have other ways to know about your passport renewal, it is better you give the information from your side. You really want to test what happens when you dont update the latest passport especially when your pr is at stake? Good luck with that.

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- Educated at university level

Wow, you provide a salary of more than SGD10k, while working for just 4 days a week with just university level? Then i please request you to share what is the field of job and job description so that it can be helpful to younger folks (who are completing studies) to choose their career in future who happen to read this post. Also good if you can say what is the age for this salary you are giving.

working just 4 days a week is like good work life balance =D>

As far as your question regarding EP, generally it wont take months like you have stated. For a candidate who is already working in sg before, it should not take more than a month to approve EP (ofcourse it depends on other factors). Many posters here including me got it in less than a week. However, i am not sure of the .....

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I have come across 2 different friends in the past year alone whose PR got extended by just 1 year only. 1 was overseas on a secondment (employed by an SG entity and on SG payroll) and the other was overseas for further studies.

Both were essentially told via email that their REP will only be renewed for 5 years once they come back to Singapore for good. It is why they give you a one year REP to see if you’ve settled back in SG.

Hi do you know how long a person needs to stay inside SG before renewing REP to get 5 yrs after given 1yr renewal?

I have been in SG for around almost 3months. But iam able to renew it 3 months earlier from Jun 2024.

If you want a good chance, stay and work the full 12 months in SG and try to renew after 11th month completion.

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Re: Is Singapore Losing Its Appeal?

“Even many mainland companies seeking to hedge geopolitical risks choose Singapore over the Chinese city, according to a report”

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