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HALAL Authentic Malay Cuisine Cooked-On-Demand

Posted By: SINILA

Date: Mon, 1 May 2006

Price: $1.50

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Have trouble finding good HALAL authentic Malay cuisine?
Fed-up of food sitting in water-bath for a whole day?

Fret no more.

SINI LA� was established by a group of siblings whose passion in life is to enjoy and promote good food. They have travelled far and wide to savour different types of cuisine. Coming from a family steeped in tradition, their ancestors� recipes have been passed down for generations.

SINI LA� specialises in serving authentic, traditional Malay cuisine, with a twist. Food is prepared on a cook-on-demand basis to ensure ultimate freshness. For those who enjoy good food served piping hot, SINI LA is the place to go!

SINI LA� serves traditional lontong and nasi lemak at an amazing $1.50; mee rebus and mee sop unbelievably at $2.00; the meal-in-itself nasi urap at $2.50; and a complete set meal at $4.00 consisting appetiser, rice, a choice of main dish (asam pedas, curry, satay goreng, sambal sotong or Botok-Botok), crispy vegetables (kangkung, taugeh, kobis or kacang panjang), and dessert.

All cooked only when you order!

The aim of the siblings is to bring a warm smile of satisfaction to everyone who dines at SINI LA...


Operation Hours
Sunday, Tuesday � Thursday: 7 AM to 2.30 PM
Friday & Saturday: 7 AM to 7.30 PM
Monday : Closed


320, Shunfu Road
02-28, Shunfu Mart
Singapore 570320



Nasi Lemak @ $1.50
This back-to-the-roots Nasi Lemak rediscovers the main reason for its existence, the rice or nasi. Many of today's concoction has taken the focus away from the rice, which traditionally is the anchor for all the supporting condiments. The rice must be fluffy in texture, fragrant in aroma and fine in taste. Its soul-mate, the sambal tumis is its perfect companion. SINI LA... serves our nasi lemak with home-cooked rice every morning. Our Nasi Lemak is complemented by crispy fish (a twist away from the usual ikan bilis), simmering green kangkung, crunchy cucumber, addictive groundnuts and half a boiled egg. We bring nasi lemak back to why it is called 'nasi lemak'

Lontong Lazat @ $1.50
A (piping) hot favourite of the morning (and afternoon), the Lontong Lazat is prepared with freshly cut kacang panjang (long beans) and kobis (cabbage), coming together to produce a rich sauce with spices, other herbs and coconut milk. Served with freshly cut lontong rice, topped with boiled egg and the simmering red sambal tumis, our Lontong Lazat puts a smile on your face every morning.

Mee Siam @ $2.00
This highly sought after and long awaited sour-based vermicelli clear soup combination, complete with cubed toufu, finely cut koo chai (chives), a whole egg, a squeeze of tangy lime and a dash of the spicy sambal tumis, is great to start your morning on a high note!

Mee Rebus @ $2.00
This rich gravy-based yellow noodle is accompanied by a great selection of freshly cut green chillie, aromatic spring onion and Chinese celery, fragrant fried shallots, fried cubed toufu and tangy cut lime; topped with a whole egg makes the Mee Rebus truly a stomach filling option to start the day!

Mee Sop @ $2.00
A clear soup, non-spicy all time favourite is complemented by squid rings, salmon colored shrimps, marble slab fish cake, an egg and a generous portion of Chinese choy sum. It is in itself a meal that can be eaten with yellow noodles, vermicelli or even rice! It is completed with fried shallots and a sprinkle of white pepper, and of course the pickled green chillie to add some zest.

SINI LA... EXPRESS @ $2.00
This is a special complete meal put together for those who are in a rush. Resting on a base of warm fragrant rice are the main entree (sambal sardine or rendang chicken for example as it changes frequently for choice), freshly fried vegetables, and omelet. Irresistible even for those on the move!

Nasi Urap @ $2.50
This very traditional and unique dish is a meal in itself. A bed of steaming hot fragrant quality rice becomes a foundation for this spectacular combination. A triangle golden fried toufu, a handful of crispy fried fish, a golden brown fried tempe (bean cake), a generous serving of urap (salad) of steamed kangkung (morning glory), taugeh (bean sprouts) and kacang panjang (long beans) mixed with appetizing shredded coconut fried with curry leaves makes the Nasi Urap a must-try and a repeatedly sought after concoction. Of course, it is accompanied by the ever favourite sambal tumis!

Asam Pedas @ $2.50
Asam Pedas literally means sour and spicy hot. This mouth-watering and appetizing recipe is served with ikan pari (stingray), lady's finger and brinjal. The texture of the ikan pari is just perfect for the sour-hot tangy flavour. A true appetizing selection on a hot or rainy day.

Botok-Botok @ $2.50
A very rare find in Singapore, Botok-Botok has a very long history in the Malay cooking culture. Literally wrapped with herbs and spices, this secret recipe is often the pride of many Malay families. The slab of tenggiri fish is carefully marinated, then wrapped in finely chopped herbs of many varieties and spice-of-a-hundred is then steamed in a bag of (3 layers) banana leaf to lock in and add on more aroma. With the large collection of herbs and spices, every mouthful is a different and new experience. Try it and let history do the talking!

Kari Ikan Asli @ $2.50
A dash of curry leaves, a sprinkle of rempah (spice) and lots more... cooked to perfection with the ever tasty ikan bawal hitam (black pomfret) accompanied by brinjal and lady's finger. The coconut milk further enhances the smoothness and richness of the already luxurious creamy gravy. This evergreen favourite leaves a sweet taste in your mouth.

Sambal Sotong @ $2.50
Eat it with rice or if you dare to brave the spiciness, eat it by itself! This hot favourite of many combines the true flavour and colour of freshly ground chillie in the sambal tumis with the taste of the sea in the sotong (squid). The texture, tastily chewy and aromatically succulent of the sotong and the fresh spiciness of the sambal is a perfect combination to tickle any taste bud. Try it and be amazed!

Satay Goreng Ayam @ $2.50
A dish we can truly call Singapore's own is definitely satay. SINI La...'s Satay Goreng Ayam (chicken) is served with a difference, without the hassle of the skewer. All wholesome chicken meat is fried to aromatic perfection, with the meat prepared to tender juiciness, and made crispy by caramelized sauce it was marinated in. The sizzling concoction is then doused with a generous helping of peanut sauce, bringing it to the next level of aromatic heaven! Served hot off the wok, this dish puts a sizzle to anyone's selection.

SINI LA...'s Complete Set Meals starts with our keropok (crackers) and ends with the sweet interlude of bubur kacang (bean soup), both compliments of our chefs. The Meal comes with warm fragrant rice, a main dish of your choice as well as a plate of freshly fried vegetable which you can select.

The main dish menu starts with hot favourites like Asam Pedas, Kari Ikan Asli; through the exotic Botok-Botok; to the scrumptious Sambal Sotong and the sizzling Satay Goreng Ayam (Chicken). Selection of vegetables ranges from the evergreen kangkung (morning glory), long-time favourite kacang panjang (long beans), fragrant taugeh (bean sprouts) and crunchy kobis (cabbage). The vegetables are fried with minced dried shrimps and chillie (kangkung & kacang panjang) and ikan bilis (anchovies), spring onion and slices of red and green chillie (kobis & taugeh).

SINI LA...'s Complete Set Meals gives you a different combination of meals every time. It leaves many with their mouth wide opened, either in disbelief of the value for money, or the taste and want for more, or both!

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