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New Brand from Japan "Gasoline Alley"

Posted By: collezione99

Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009

Price: Best Offer

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'HIROSHI-OKAMOTO' reproduces McCoy American clothes using re-developed real materials, such as threads, to show respect to the 'original'. Because his
clothes are reconstructed by the part which cannot express only with numeral value of MIL-SPEC, it is the best of brand to feel a time-line of American
venturers of 20th century.

The motorcyclist and Hot Rodder have been fascinated with American military clothes. They arranged those clothes to match their SPEC for the principles.
Although HIROSHI-OKAMOTO understands those American history, it is strictly taboo to arrange the original for a reproduction and this notion should be
inherited. As his answer toward such inheritance, we launch 'GASOLINE-ALLAY' with a logo drawn by PURPLE-DRAGON. It is an independent label in 'Toys-
McCoy product', the original label of HIOSHI-OKAMOTO to reproduce the original completely, and produces novel American clothes for our daily life and

With a sense, experiences, special materials and patterns for a reproduction of HIROSHI-OKAMOTO, the label 'GASOLINE-ALLAY' offers novel American clothes
at budget prices. The concept is to produce quality clothes in close relation to an American motor-culture, with a basic design and materials on a MIL-
SPEC. This is a realization of reality of motorcycle life over the original. We have a license of the movie 'Easy rider' from Sony pictures and it is our
another mission to produce items about the movie. We will release shade for Captain America, helmet, leather item and T shirt, in near future.

The identity of 'GASOLINE-ALLAY' is a reality of motorculture for motorcyclist and Hot Rodder.


Customers simply click on helmet photos for full details.

Then, on a simple order form, they check off size and quantity.

There is no need to calculate complicated shipping charges.

You can get your "GASOLINE ALLEY" products shipped to you anywhere in the world by E-M-S -- Express Mailing Service -- for one low fee
Only 12-hundred Japanese yen/each -- thats about 12 dollars U.S.

And shipping is insured up to 20-thousand yen.

Paying is easy too -- with Pay Pal.

So you can buy with no risk -- and no service charges.

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