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Witty emcee Singapore

Posted By: JohnlyeMerrybees

Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2023

Price: $1,500.00

Mobile: +65-9232 9395

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Influence Mind and Enchant with the Clever Emcee Administrations of Merry-bees
Enter a domain overflowing with mind and charm by using the Witty emcee Singapore administration of Joyful Merry-bees. With their clever comments, our emcees guarantee that your social affairs are pleasant as well as paramount.
Beginning Characteristic: Fast-Fire Talk
Acquire knowledge about the ability to convey a sharp chat. The occasion is charged up and loaded up with funniness because of the clever comments and unconstrained humor of the Merry-bees' Clever Emcees.

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Re: Expat forum " seem dead ? "

fwiw, I've seen some of the replies to SG immigration topics on reddit and they are.. way off. I started browsing here years ago because this forum proved to have more accurate info. Also I'm not scared of curmudgeons.

Posted in Leisure Chat, Jokes, Rubbish

Re: XL Bullies legal in Singapore?

❰❰ Quote:
I have some very good news (for me). Vinnie and Lenny are coming to Singapore. The latter has been classified as a labrador, while the former... well, I'll let you know in good time (off-line).

If you see a British guy walking two XL bullies at the Botanic Gardens, give me a wave!

so, you basically lied to the authorities about the dog breed?

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Re: "Proceed to upload documents" button is missing in ICA Website

❰❰ Quote:
Hello Everyone,
Silent lurker and finally want to contribute a bit from my end:
1. Application Mid March 2023
2. 1st Inquiry from ICA Mid January 2024
3. Proceed to button upload button disappearance somewhere in last week of March
4. Approval - 2 weeks from disappearance

I did use many of the hints to "guess" the outcome, and some of them do hold true. All the best to everyone who are still waiting. Thanks!

Congrats for getting approval. Could you please advise what were the hints that hold true in your case?

Posted in Relocating, Moving to Singapore

Re: XL Bullies legal in Singapore?

And thank you for your sterling contribution, "tiktok". Every forum has to have its curmudgeon, and I would like to tell you that you are doing a splendid job fulfilling the role.

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Re: Just curious why Rolex Daytona value so much?

Washed, I hope.

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