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Posted By: Studiousity

Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2023

Price: $70.00

Mobile: +91-8219170543

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I hold a double degree from University of Texas at Austin, U.S.A in Economics and Philosophy with a minor in Business. I am an all-rounder specializing in secondary and tertiary level English, Maths and Science while also focusing on University entrance tests like SAT, TOEFL iBT, ACT, GMAT, AP etc. and relevant university application procedures. I have been private tutoring for about 20 years catering to clients in U.S.A as well as Singapore and have covered all known worldwide syllabi.

Expertise in . . .
- Secondary 1-4/J.C, Grade 7-12 English Language and Literature, General Paper, E-Mathematics, A-Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics ( 'O' Level, 'A' Level, IB, IGCSE, IB (HL/SL), MYP)
- PSAT/SAT I (Critical Reading and Writing)/ SAT II (Writing IIC, Mathematics IC/IIC, Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
- Primary 1-6 English (Grade 1-6, PSLE) (Speaking, Reading, Grammar, Writing), Mathematics and Science
- GED (All Five Subjects)
- ACT (Reading, English, Mathematics and Science Reading)
- AP Calculus
- Spoken and Written English as well as Grammar and Reading for Adults
- University application essays
- AUSMAT (WACE Australian Matriculation) Mathematics and Science
- IB Economics (Internal assessment Commentaries, course papers etc.)
- TOK (IAs, Presentations and External assessments)
- Math Studies/Biology IAs

Current Clientele . . .
- SAS Grade 12 for English writing, Chemistry, Physics, Literature, SAT
- Grade 12 ACSIS, OFS, Hwa Chong International students for Math Studies, Bio, Business and Management and TOK presentations and essays (IAs and EAs)
- UWC Grade 6 student for MYP Maths, Science, English and all-round mentoring
- UWC Grade 10 students for IGCSE Co-ordinated Science and English Language and Literature
- UWC Grade 12 Student (Yale Director's Award Recipient) for SAT I and II, Application mentoring
- SAS Grade 11 student for AP Calculus, SAT, AP Economics
- GIIS Grade 10 student for IGCSE Pure Physics and Chemistry
- SAS girls for Grade 4 and Grade 7 Mathematics (Carnegie Learning and Envision)
- TOEFL iBT for Adult
- UWC Grade 11 IB English Language and Literature, and SAT I and II
- AISS Gr 11 IB Maths and Economics
- SAS Grade 3 Envision Maths
- UWC Grade 9 student for English Language and Literature, Co-ordinated Science
- 2 Local Students for SAT I and II, US University Admission Consulting etc
- ACSI for IB English Language A
- UWC IGCSE for Edexcel English Language, CIE World Literature, Additional Maths and Co-ordinated Science
- Greene's Tutorial College (Oxford)/British Council Edexcel International GCSE Maths, Biology, English Language and Literature private candidate
- OFS Grade 12 for SAT
- SAJC A Level General Paper (8807) and Literature (8811)
- Australian Grade 7 student for all round mentoring and Pre-SAS grooming
- OFS IB English Literature A

Experience . . .
- 6 years Private TOEFL/SAT Tuition experience in U.S.A
- One year teaching experience in Tuition Centres (Recas, Top Education, IMAX, UCS etc.) in Singapore
- 20 years private tutoring with Studiousity

Edification. . .
- University of Texas at Austin in the United States - B.A in Economics and Philosophy (Double Major), Minor in Business (Honors)
- SAT (Critical Reading) - 750 (98th Percentile)
- SAT (Math) - 800 (99th Percentile)
- SAT (Writing) - 700 (96th Percentile)
- SAT total score - 2250/2400 (98th Percentile)
- TOEFL iBT - 110/120, 5/6 for TWE (Test of Written English)
- Straight "A" Student in Mathematics, Science, English from Primary to University

Rates. . .
$50/hr - Middle School/IGCSE/O Level

Contact . . .
[email protected]
Skype Email ID - [email protected]


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I believe, in the eyes of the law, insufficient information with the intention to hide or deceive or circumvent the law will be construed as a lie (half-truths are generally lies). Therefore should you be ratted out by one of your neighbours if the dog barks too loudly of makes a partial lunge at a pedestrian or somebody elses pet, then your dog will probably be put down and you deported for knowingly breaking the law. This isn't the US or other western countries.


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Hello Friends,

Please share your opinion on my chances of getting a PR. Here is my profile. Looking for Frank opinion if there are real chances and I should keep on trying or better to look at alternatives

1. 41 yr, Indian
2. 180k base salary. Working as Data Management Lead in MNC bank for 2 yrs. Prior to that in same bank for 14 yrs in IT. 16 years in Singapore
3. Graduate in Comp Sc
4. Son going to International school P3
5. Volunteering a donating small amounts regularly for 2-3 yrs
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When was your last rejection and what was your role and salary at that time?

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Hi all,

We applied last November 2023 and it is currently "Pending". Submit documents button disappeared last week.

While we wait, would appreciate your input regarding our PR approval chances:

Applied as a family (myself, wife and kid) under PTS scheme

Husband (main applicant - me):
- Indian (Tamil)
- 32 yo
- Bachelors degree from an Indian university
- S Pass since 2014
- annual $101K
- Automation engineer (senior) at Manufacturing company (US MNC) since 2021
- married on 2018

- Indian (Tamil)
- 25 yo
- holding Dependent pass since Aug 2023 and we are residing together in Singapore.(we stayed together in Singapore for 1.5 years during Covid period under visit pass)
- bachelors degree from an Indian university
- Not working (House wife)

- 1 kid, 2.5 yo male, born in India. In Dependent pass since Aug 2023 and residing with us.

Very low chance and hope to be wrong here.

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This is an update regarding my case. :D
Submitted my PR application on Feb 2024 (1.5 years stays in SG), and got approved this week (4 months processing time).

Congratulations and you are lucky !

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Re: PR Approval Chance 2023

This is an update regarding my case. :D
Submitted my PR application on Feb 2024 (1.5 years stays in SG), and got approved this week (4 months processing time).

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