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Posted By: HOTEC

Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2023

Price: $1.00

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As a top bins supplier, bins manufacturer, bins factory in China, HOTEC has been focusing on hygiene for years and is always committed to high quality, efficiency, health, and cleanliness, providing a neat environment for people, especially during COVID-19. Based on various purposes, Our bins design are different in style and capacity. They come from high-quality, durable, tenacious materials.

From recessed surface-mounted waste receptacles to floor kinds of bins, HOTEC is here to support and fulfill your restroom's waste collection and disposalneeds.

Based on various purposes, we designed different types of trash bin and they are different in style and capacity, available for all occasions, like hotels, hospitals, airports, subway stations, schools, etc.

Before you order the Bins, we think it's important to consider everything you're looking for.
-Which capacity do you need?
- Are you trying to stay clean and neat?
-DO you want to change the old bins to newer ones ?
- Are you looking for well-designed and durable bins for long-term use?
-Do you want a more hygienic and fresh environment?
-Are you simply looking to save costs?
-What is the use of the environment?
-Which material will be suitable for your place?
If you'd prefer, call us at 86-571-88868570 and let us walk you through a variety of choices. Otherwise, keep reading our in-depth FAQS for further assistance in your final decision.

The use of garbage cans can best reflect a person's quality of life and style. The garbage cans placed next to the tea table in the living room, the toilets in the bathroom with or without covers, and whether the covers should be opened manually or automatically all reflect the host's requirements for quality of life in terms of beauty, hygiene and convenience.
In real life, it can be purchased according to the use scenario: kitchen, living room, bedroom, toilet.
The common ones are ordinary garbage cans, foot garbage cans, press open garbage cans, automatic sensing garbage cans and classified garbage cans. The common materials are plastic, wood and stainless steel. The cost of plastic is low, but the whole is light and easy to be knocked down; The metal material is safe and durable, and the whole is heavy; Wood is more beautiful, but it is easy to corrode and deform, and it is difficult to clean, so it is not recommended to use it.

How about the capacity do we have?
As one of top washroom equipment suppliers in China, Hotec provide different capacity waste bins for different places, from 3L small pedal bins to 50L large capacity waste bins.
How many trash bins should be installed in this area?
They install more bins when a number of residents / customers complain about the lack of bins, and conversely, remove the bins when people complain about trash bins attracting ilgal dumping or most bins are not flled up.
Why should I have my trash bins cleaned?
It is necessary for us to clean public bathroom trash cans. Since germs and bacteria generate along with the accumulation of trash. That can reduce odors, eliminate filth and germs, and remove flies, maggots, and spiders.
How often should my bins be sanitized?
For the most effective results, we strongly recommend you to sanitize your bins on a regular basis, either monthly or quarterly.

Now the price of trash bin for sale is reasonable, if you have needs, please contact us.

If you want to know more about what are the different types of bins, please visit our website.

As a washroom accessories manufacturer, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.

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Re: PR Application: Additional Documents Requested

❰❰ Quote:
Hi Group,

Profile: Indian family - me, wife, daughter and son.
In SG since last 5 years.
This is my 2nd PR application, applied in Apr. ICA emailed asking additional documents ( last 6 months payslip, Form IR8A and confirmation on kids school).
I have recently did my last day at job (lost job due to restructuring) and opened a consulting company in Singapore. Already got a client onboard who pays similar to what I use to make in my full time job.
Should I proactively inform ICA of my status change or just submit the information that they have asked for?
I have only one week to submit documents so any guidance here would be helpful.

Hi FrontMan, wish you all the best and yes, its better if you can actively inform ICA of your status change.

Slightly deviating from the topic, i request you if you can share what is your field of job, job role and the education background you had for this job. Just asking this as .....

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Re: PR Application In Progress for 1 Year 3 Months - Passport Going Expire

❰❰ Quote:
alternatively, when you logged in to your myICA, you can check the status of your application. Down below has boxes "upload new docs, withdraw app, add child" options. I guess you can use the upload new doc option.

You are right about updating new documents in the ICA portal, but just wanted to correct you that only 4 items can be uploaded by the applicant, if one wishes like1) employment updates, 2) address change, 3) marital update and 4) Educational updates (if i am not wrong).

I dont think there is any upload new docs, withdraw app, or add child options nowadays. You can only do the things you mentioned by emailing to ica_pr. Regarding passport renewal, it is informed by emailing to ica_pr, as i did the same way after i renewed.

One other way to upload documents, is only when ica has requested you to upload that specific document. For example, if ica wants your family cv, they will enable the 'Ad-hoc' .....

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Re: PR Chances 2024

So many things in your favor :
1. Chinese
2. Married to a Singaporean
3. Age - potential to increase the population
4. Stable employment

As others have stated - apply under FTS after 2 years of marriage. Shouldn't be any hiccups.

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Re: PR Chances 2024

❰❰ Quote:
Ask your husband to sponsor your PR after 2 years of marriage to show ICA that the union is stable.

Apply too soon and it is seen as marriage of convenience. ICA doesn’t care what your in-laws do so don’t bother adding it in.

To add on to this, they don't care what your in-laws do but they do care what your (the applicants) parents do.

I submitted an FTS application recently and there were very detailed questions asking where my parents work, type of work and salary.

But you are Chinese and married to a Singaporean so your chance is quite high. Just wait the 2 years of marriage if you want to be extra safe.

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Re: PR Application: Additional Documents Requested

Just curious, when did you last apply for PR and how long was it pending? Is this the first time they've asked for additional information, and any big changes that could have drove that?

I understand the comments on high salary. At the same time, such salaries are just commensurate with some of the add'l jobs that have emerged here over the years. The potential for people to move on to greener pastures will likely never be eliminated. At the same time, you have no centre / hub if you can't bring in and keep (at least) some of the people to begin with.

With two kids, there's some reasonable chance (IMO). I don't know exactly what you are doing. It is possible that they sit on it for a while to see if the revenue from your own thing is as stable as a salary? Just some thoughts.

Anyways, best of luck and regards.

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