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Single-Use Bioprocess Bags and Bottles

Posted By: biolink

Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2023

Price: $1.00

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Bio-Link offers a wide range of single-use containers covering liquid storage, transport, sampling, mixing, cryopreservation, and final filling. Our disposable bioprocess bags offer many advantages, such as their unique flexibility and safety. Using disposable bioprocess containers can reduce your process risk and increase the efficiency of commercial production. Bio-Link's single use bioprocess container, single use bioprocessing bags include 2D single-use bags, 3D single-use bags, RNase free single-use bags, single-use bioprocessing bottles, single-use mixing bags, sterile media bags and sterile sampling bottles.

Types of Single-Use Bioprocess Containers
BioHub 2D Disposable Bioprocess Bags
BioHub® 2D single-use bags are designed for bioprocess needs, suitable for liquid, liquid storage, transport, and cryopreservation. A variety of specifications to choose from, fast delivery.

BioHub 3D Disposable Bioprocess Bags
BioHub® 3D single-use bags are designed for bioprocess needs. It is suitable for buffer storage, media storage, intermediate product storage bulk storage and transport. Flexible, efficient, and safe fluid management options.

NovaLinX RNase Free Single-use Bioprocess Bags
The best choice for mRNA production, say Goodbye to degradation. Innovative design of RNase-free bioprocess disposable consumables with 100% RNase/DNase inspection and release of products and customer verification.

BioHub Disposable Sterile Storage & Transfer Bottles
Reliable material, stable supply. BioHub® single-use bioprocessing products is available in autoclave and gamma irradiated versions with different caps, eliminating the risk of batch-to-batch or product-to-product cross-contamination.

BioHub MG Single-use Mixing Bag
Flexible and efficient mixing solution, the best choice for large-scale liquid handling, meeting various liquid-liquid mixing and solid-liquid mixing needs, suitable for medium preparation, buffer preparation, intermediate mixing, semi-finished product preparation, and final pharmaceutical products mixing.

Biohub SP Single-use Sterile Sampling Bags
A variety of specifications to meet your various sampling needs, including cell culture, mixing processing, filtration buffer and other processing.

Biohub SP Single-use Laboratory Sample Bottles
The best choice for sampling processing, which can be used aseptically, thereby reducing the risk of residual contamination and ensuring process safety.

Certifications of Single Use Bioprocessing Bags and Bottles
Bio-Link's Single-Use Bags and Bottles are fully validated to meet your compliance and safety requirements. It has successfully passed the following quality control standards:

ISO 10993-4 Hemolysis

ISO 10993-5 Cytotoxicity

ISO 10993-6 Implantation test

ISO 10993-10 Irritation and Sensitization test

USP <85> Bacterial Endotoxins-LAL test

USP <88> Biological reactivity testing, in vivo, class VI

USP <87> Biological reactivity testing, in vitro

USP <661> Pharmacopoeia tests, ch 3.1.5.

Also, Bio-Link's Disposable Bioprocess Bags and Bottles can be used in multiple process steps such as liquid mixing, liquid storage, transport, cryopreservation, sampling, and preparation filling to help customers save validation costs.

We have complete chemical compatibility data, extractables testing and physical performance testing and support related audits.

DMF Acknowledgement ISO 9001

FAQs of Single Use Bioprocessing Bag & Bottle

What are single-use blood transfer bags made from?

The film is by Renolit. Fabricated using state-of-the-art multilayer co-extrusion technology, the film has ultra-low dissolution and precipitation levels to ensure safety, offering an ideal choice for biopharmaceutical customers.


What are the different types of single use bioprocessing bags and bottles that Bio-Link offers?

Bio-Link offers a wide range of disposable bioprocess containers covering liquid storage, transport, sampling, and mixing. Disposable bioprocess bags have 2D and 3D made of multilayer co-extrusion, supporting irradiation sterilization. Bioprocessing bottles are made of PC, supporting autoclave and irradiation sterilization, covering liquid storage, transport, and sampling application.


What are the benefits of single use bioprocess containers?

Single use bioprocess containers have the advantages of safety and flexibility. The use of disposable products can greatly reduce the risk of contamination during the process. In addition, single-use containers allow biological manufacturers to schedule their production tasks more flexibly, improve capacity utilization and reduce costs.

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