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PTS0017-4 Fixed TV Wall Mount

Posted By: cnxd

Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2023

Price: $30.00

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43 Inch LED TV Wall Mount Stand Adjustable
PTS0017-4 Fixed TV Wall Mount is specially designed for most 32 '' - 70 '' TVs. The maximum weight is 40kg / 88lbs. It uses high-quality cold-rolled steel to ensure product quality, and the price is favorable! The hanging picture structure ensures fast and simple installation. The open structure provides more air flow and easier access to wires. Reducing the size of the package will allow you to reduce the cost of transportation.

Features of PTS0017-4 Fixed China TV Wall Mount

Quick and easy installation

Includes all necessary wall and display attachment hardware

Reduce package size: easier to transport

Security Screws: hold TV securely to the wall plate

Built in level

Specifications of PTS0017-4 Fixed Television Mount
Product Category: Fixed TV Wall Mount
Material: steel
Surface Finish: Powder Coating
Color: Fine Texture Black
Dimensions: 481x422x25mm
Fit Screen Size: 32''-70''
Fit Curved TV: no
Mounting Hole Pattern : VESA
Max. VESA: 400x400
Weight Capacity: 40kg (88lbs)

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Re: Spouse PR formalities

I believe Sg stopping using the PR interview technique in the late 1990's or shortly after the millennium. I got mine in 1995 and did have the interview before being granted PR (two officers in a small interview room for around 1.5 hrs if I remember correctly. Even then, while the issuance of PR was a go down to the ICA building, there was not any formalities as you aren't giving up anything. Bit different when giving up your former citizenship.

In reality, probably less than a hour (mine was a special case when they found out my assimilation here after being here for 13 years) spent well over 45 minutes gossiping and giving them a blow by blow of my activities considering for the most part of the 1st 8 years were spent offshore in the oilfields. That also was back in the day of physical paper applications, etc as well. The electronic revolution made face-to-face virtually obsolete. Covid and WFH proved that it was also more cost effective and efficient in most cases.

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Re: Seeking advice on citizenship

❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:
Thanks! My purpose is to check whether this is a very rare incident or if there have been several precedents.

@epo_anonymous Thanks! Each case is distinct and treated on its own merits. As the variables that are used to judge citizenship applications are "mostly" unknown, the lower bound of this function is hard to maximize. Hence discussing this maximization problem may often lead to biased and noisy estimators. Thanks anyway.

That's a lot of words to say "You miss every shot you don't take"

My managers would be proud :D

Almost sounds like a ChatGPT response doesn't it. :lol:

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Re: Non-resident tax- will company know employee work outside singapore?

My guess since you are a PR. Your CPF contributions every month may not allow you to do whatever you are planning - namely claiming to be a non resident while being an employed permanent resident.

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Non-resident tax- will company know employee work outside singapore?

Hi everyone,

Seeking help advice.
I am PR.
Due to significant rising rental cost in Singapore, I am weighing option to work outside Singapore >183 days - which fall under non-resident tax.

My company is allow us to work from home all this time and employees are rarely to go to office.

I don't really want to inform my manager/ company that I am not residing in Singapore, as nowadays lots of companies are firing people due to high cost and prefer to hire employee in lower cost countries.

My questions:
1. What if company don't know I am residing outside Singapore?
2. Will company is the one that report I am residing outside Singapore or individual to report self declare after company submit income report?
3. Is company and IRS talk to each other? i.e. company declare i am residing in Singapore all these times, but im not. Will IRS revert back and correct it?

Thank you for the advice, and kindly please no judgement here.

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Re: Small yacht chartering business

Summit Marine run these. $600 starting price for a few hours. Alex is the guy to talk to.

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