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H-Beam Steel

Posted By: CUMIC

Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2023

Price: $400.00

Mobile: +86(21)56118383

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H beam China steel is a type of structural steel beam. It is named carbon steel h beam because of the capital H shape over its cross section with equal thickness in the two parallel flanges with no taper on the inside surface. H-beam with a competitive price is a versatile product that is commonly utilized in different kinds of structural applications.

We are a professional H beam supplier and we have different kinds of H beam steel sections for sale. If you are interested in our H beam steel, please contact us!


H metal beam steel is known for being incredibly strong.

An H-beam can be built up, which means it may be built up to any size or height, making it an ideal material for construction.

Standard JIS / ASTM / EN / BS / AS Standard
Grades Q235, SS400, SS490, ASTM A36 / A572 Gr.50, S235JR / S275JR / S355JR / S450J0, 250 / 300 / 350 / 400
DX52D / DX53D / S280GD / S320GD / S350GD
Size 100mm*100mm---900mm*300mm
W6-W30 / HP8-HP14
HEA HEB HEM 100-1000 / HEAA 120-800
IPE 180-550
UB 203*102-686*254 / UC 152*152-358*368 / UP 203*203-356*368

There are many product specifications of H-beams, and the classification methods are as follows.

(1) According to the flange width of the product, it is divided into wide flange, medium flange and narrow flange H-beams. The flange width B of wide flange and medium flange H-beam is greater than or equal to the web height H. The flange width B of narrow flange H-beam is approximately equal to one-half of the web height H. The flange width of narrow flange H-beam is approximately equal to the web height H.

(2) According to the product use, it is divided into H-beam, H-beam column, H-beam pile, and very thick flange H-beam. Sometimes parallel-legged channels and parallel-flange T-beams are also included in the range of H-beams. Generally, narrow flange H-beam is used as beam material, and wide flange H-beam is used as column material, according to which there are beam H-beam and column H-beam.

(3) According to the production method, it is divided into welded H-beam and rolled H-beam.

(4) According to the size specification, it is divided into large, medium and small size H-beams. Usually, the products with web height H above 700mm are called large, 300-700mm are called medium, and those less than 300mm are called small. By the end of 1990, the world's largest H-beam web height of 1200mm and flange width of 530mm.

H-shape beam is widely used, mainly for: various civil and industrial building structures; various large-span industrial plants and modern high-rise buildings, especially in areas with frequent seismic activity and industrial plants under high-temperature working conditions; large bridges requiring large load-bearing capacity, good cross-sectional stability and large span; heavy equipment; highways; naval skeletons; mine support; foundation treatment and dam projects; various machine components.

Determined by the shape, the cross-sectional modulus, moment of inertia and corresponding strength of H-beam are significantly better than the same single weight of ordinary I-beam. H-beam has wide flange, thin web, many specifications and flexible use, and can be used in various truss structures to save 15% to 20% of metal. Since the flanges are parallel inside and outside and the edge ends are at right angles, it is easy to assemble and combine into various members, thus saving welding and riveting workload by about 25%, which can greatly speed up the construction speed and shorten the construction period.

H-shape steel beam is mainly used for beam and column members in industrial and civil structures.

◆ Steel structure bearing support for industrial structures

◆ Steel pile and support structure for underground engineering

◆ Industrial equipment structure such as petrochemical and electric power

◆ Large span steel bridge members

◆ Ship and machinery manufacturing frame structure

◆ Train, car and tractor beam support

◆ Port conveyor belt and high speed baffle support

H shape steel beam is an economic section steel, widely used in industry, construction, bridge, oil drilling platform, etc. According to forecast The demand for H-beam in China is about 2.5 million tons in 2005 and 5 million tons in 2010, but the current annual production capacity of H-beam in China is 1.2 million tons, and the market demand is very huge.

If you want to know more types of chinese structural steel sections, please visit our website.

As a steel products china manufacturer, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.

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