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Wing Nuts

Posted By: dtnut

Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2023

Price: $15,000.00

Mobile: +0574-86537069

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DT Fastener offers quality wing nut fasteners at great market prices. The anchor wing nut is also called the Hand Nut. Usually, the nut with wings does not need to use tools to fasten; instead, they can be installed and disassembled directly by hand, which is very convenient to use.

According to the manufacturing process, wing nuts for sale can be divided into cold heading assorted wing nuts, casting wing nuts and stamping wing nuts. And according to the shape, the wing nut then can be divided into two basic shapes: square wing and round wing. You can find wing nut uses widely in the electric energy industry, machinery and equipment, and other fields.

Different Types of Wing Nuts for Sale
Buy Wing Nuts At Great Prices
DIN 314 Wing Nuts
ASME B 18.6.9 Wing Nuts
JIS B 1185 Wing Nuts
High Wing Nuts-round Nose

Wing Nut Uses
1. The back of the sheet is kept completely flat;

2. Small and compact, suitable for all electronic or precision equipment;

3. High torque resistance;

4. The equipment is convenient, only need to press riveting;

5. The specifications are serialized, which can meet various design requirements.

Application fields of wing nuts:
In addition to playing a huge role in the use of wing nuts on machinery and equipment, it also plays a huge role in the electronics industry, petrochemical industry, and shipbuilding industry. Because ships are often immersed in water, the requirements for acid, alkali and corrosion resistance are very high. The choice of wing nuts is also due to the long service life of the wing nuts.

Not only that, the communication industry often chooses wing nuts because plastic wing nuts can better isolate magnetic fields.

The petrochemical industry needs to be resistant to high temperatures, and wing nuts just have this feature, so wing nuts are also used in the petrochemical industry.

China Wing Nuts Features
Wing nut fasteners play a great role in various industries for its easy installation, beautiful integrity, no washer, and convenient disassembly.

1. A wing nut can be produced by a six-tap part forming machine, and the taps can be ground after production.

2. The wing nut can also be cold heading, punched flat, punched, and tapped.

Wing nuts for sale can be divided into cold heading wing nuts, casting wing nuts, and stamping wing nuts according to the process. According to the shape, the bulk wing nuts can be divided into two basic shapes: a square wing and a round wing:

Bulk Wing Nuts FAQs

How do you fasten wing nuts?
You can fasten the wing nut quality fasteners either by hand or wrench.

How do wing nuts work?
The wing nut fasteners are also called the hand-tightened nuts. Usually, the wing nut does not need to use other tools, and can be installed and disassembled directly by hand, which is very convenient to use. In general, people buy wing nuts for locations where adjustment is often performed.

As one of wing nuts manufacturers, we can offer sorts of related products for sale, and the wing nut price is low, if you have needs, please contact us.

If you want to know more kinds of hexagon nut bolt, please visit our website.

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