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Posted By: dtnut

Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2023

Price: $15,000.00

Mobile: +0574-86537069

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According to the sale report of DATIAN (DT) Fasteners for nearly 3 years, T-Nuts now become much more popular. T nuts are the nuts that look like the letter T. T nut fasteners are not only easy to install and unload, but also easy to install parts in any position, which can greatly improve labor productivity. You can spot the tee nut uses widely in the T-slots of various milling machines.

Types Of T-Nuts For Sale
Buy Bulk T Nuts At A Great Price
Din 508 T Nuts
JIS B 1167 T Nuts
UNI 5531 T Nuts
GB/T 12868 T Nuts

What Are Tee Nuts Used For
The Type-T slot nut can be placed directly into the aluminum profile groove and can be automatically positioned and locked during installation. Often used in conjunction with a hexagon flange nut, it is the standard support connection for corner fittings. The T nuts for sale can be used according to the width of the profile groove and profiles of different series. T-bolts belong to movable anchors.

Screw t nuts are one of the main components of railway lines. This includes rails, ballast beds, turnouts, and more. The construction of the track is an integral large engineering structure. The track is laid on the roadbed and must withstand a huge impact force. In order to ensure the normal running of the train, the bearing capacity and connection force of the T-nut are required to be very high.

T-type nuts are often used in conjunction with hexagon socket head bolts, which shows that the application range of T-type bolts is very wide.

In the process of actual use, we should also choose the type of T-bolt/nut according to our own needs. At present, the T-nut produced by Datian Fasteners is not only widely used in railways, but also has a very large export volume in bridges, ships, petroleum, and other fields.

T Nut Fasteners Benefits
The fastenal t nuts are a common connection element in profile connection systems.

The purpose of the T-nut is to simply install other connecting devices on the fixed profile groove.

The nylon t nut produced by Datian Fasteners is characterized by automatic positioning and automatic locking during the assembly process, the tightening force is small during the operation process, and the operating space is small, which is convenient for users to perform operations.

Tee Nut Fastener Basic Knowledge
Installing Tee Nuts:
1. The T-type nut and hexagon socket head bolt is installed on the corner piece and does not need to be tightened.

2. Snap the tee nut into the groove along the groove of the aluminum profile, and install the spring plate flat washer.

3. Tighten it with a screwdriver.

T-Nuts Fasteners Features:
That is, using the principle of bevel, the bevel deformation is integrated into a thread, and then it becomes a parallel motion, the screw rotates once, and the nut moves one pitch. Bulk T-nuts save time and effort to use.

China T Nut FAQs

How do you put a tee nut on?
The tee nut belongs to the rear nut series. It can be simply fixed in the profile groove, and can be automatically positioned and locked during the assembly process.

How do you align T nuts?
That is, using the principle of bevel, the bevel deformation is integrated into a thread, and then becomes a parallel motion, the screw rotates once, and the T nut hardware moves one pitch. T-Nuts save time and effort

As one of tee nut manufacturers, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.

If you want to know more kinds of metric nuts and bolts, please visit our website.

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