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Square Nuts

Posted By: dtnut

Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2023

Price: $15,000.00

Mobile: +0574-86537069

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DT Fasteners is one of the few square nuts manufacturers and square nuts suppliers in CHINA. The square nut is a steel fastening device screwed on steel bolts on all four sides, which can lock the external joint the through wire or other pipe fittings. You can spot the applications of wholesale square nuts in the fastening field of various metal sheets, pipes, and other industries.

Square Bolt Nut For Sale
Searching for The Right Wholesale Square Nuts
ANSI/ASME B18.2.2 Square Nuts
DIN 557/562 Square Nuts
UNI 5597 Square Nuts
JIS B 1163 Square Nuts

The Way Datian Wholesale Square Bolt Nuts Produced
The origin of the name of the nut square is because its shape is square, and its materials are carbon steel and stainless steel.

The square nut is a type of welding nut. The welding method can ensure the square nuts be tight and won't come loose easily. Square bolt nuts can also be used in conjunction with bolts. Square nuts are mainly used in power engineering, road traffic, home building materials, and other industries.

Datian Wholesale Square Nuts FAQs

How do you make a square lock nut with flange?
Cold heading for diameter smaller than 1 inch and M30. Hot forging for diameter bigger than 1inch and M30.

What tool do you use for wholesale square 2H nuts?
Usually use Square wrench

As one of fastener manufacturers, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.

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