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Embroidery Patch

Posted By: pinstargift

Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2023

Price: $1.00

Mobile: +0521 57777602

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Wholesale custom embroidered custom badges with no minimum order from Pinstar, the professional embroidered patch manufacturer in China.

At Pinstar, we turn your logo into stylish custom design embroidered patches. We have lager options of colored twills, full of vitality, high quality threads, to help you to make your own best embroidered patches. Our computerized embroidery machine can reproduce even the smallest details, so no matter how complex your designs are, we can make it to your exact specifications.

As a manufacturer of providing custom embroidered logo patches, what we can make sure is that our embroidered patch is stitched by high quality threads and cut precisely into a final patch. Receiving your design, we can give the best advise of embroidery coverage and border. Next one, you need to choose the backing options: iron on, sew on, velcro backing so your patch can be put on any surface. Before bulk embroidered patches production, we will show you sample picture to make sure it is exact to your design. GET YOUR FREE QUOTE.
Determine The Level of Custom Embroidery Patch
75% Embroidery

Features up to 75% sewn-in stitching with 25% mesh twill

100% Embroidery

Features 100% sewn-in stitching. Minimal to no visible mesh twill.
Merrow Border
1. Usually Better Look

2. Decorative Lace

3. Strong and Durable

Hot Cut Border
1. Reasonable Price

2. Complicate Shape

3. Best Colours Matching

Custom Patch Backing
No Backing

The embroidery patch backing will be exposed with no backing applied over the stitching. Patches with no backing are very flexible and lightweight.

PVC Backing

Use a protective coating to support the patch to maintain their shape.

Iron on Backing

Has a heat adhesive backing. Ideal for moving the patch from one garment to another.

Peel and Stick Backing

Easily attach your patch. The sticky material on the back of the patch keeps it in place.

Velcro Backing

Made of hook and loop fasteners. Ideal for customers who want to remove the patch to different garments often.

Tuxedo Clip / Safety Pin

Perfect for patches that are directly and temporarily sewn on clothes. Need tuxedo clips or safety pins to attach your patch.

Send us your designs and ideas about the embroidery patches and your requirements for border and backing. Pinstar, the embroidered patch manufacturer, will make your design into life. And we accept custom embroidered patches with no minimum orders.

How To Custom Embroidery Patch
Custom embroidery patches are a popular way to promote brands, sports teams, or organizations. Here are the general steps for creating custom embroidery patches for Pinstar, an experienced embroidered patch manufacturer:

Design: The first step in creating a custom embroidery patch is to create a design that represents the intended message or brand. This design can be created by hand, or with graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. The design should be created at the desired size and in the appropriate file format for embroidery machines (usually a vector file, such as .ai, .eps or .pdf).

Digitizing: Once the design is created, it needs to be digitized for embroidery. Digitizing is the process of converting the design into a digital embroidery file that can be read by an embroidery machine. This step is crucial, as it will determine the quality of the final patch.

Material and thread selection: The type of fabric used for the patch and the color of the thread used for the embroidery will affect the overall look and durability of the patch. Choose a material that is appropriate for the intended use and environment of the patch.

Embroidery: After the design is digitized, the embroidery machine can begin creating the patch. The machine will follow the digital embroidery file to stitch the design onto the chosen fabric.

Bordering: Once the embroidery is complete, the patch will need to be trimmed and bordered. The border is typically made with a tight satin stitch or a merrowed edge.

Finishing touches: After the patch is bordered, the manufacturer may apply a heat-seal or adhesive backing, depending on the customer's preference.

As a professional embroidered patch manufacturer, Pinstar produces high-quality embroidered patches. If you are interested in creating custom high-quality embroidered patches and want to find a reliable and experienced embroidery patch manufacturer, please feel free to contact us. Pinstar has its own designer team to help you make your design come true. Besides, we also accept custom embroidered patches no minimum order.

Use of Embroidery Patches
Embroidery patches are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. The most common uses of embroidery patches are as follows:

Apparel decoration: One of the most common uses of embroidery patches is to decorate clothing items such as jackets, hats, bags, and shirts. High-quality embroidered patches can be sewn or ironed onto the fabric to add a decorative touch or to display a message, logo, or design.

Brand promotion: High-quality embroidered patches can be a great way to promote a brand or business. They can be created with a company logo, tagline, or product image, and distributed to employees, customers, or partners.

Team identification: Sports teams often use embroidery patches to identify team members and to show team spirit. So high-quality embroidered patches can be created with the team name, logo, or player number.

Military and law enforcement: Military and law enforcement organizations often use embroidery patches to identify members and to show rank or achievement. Patches can be created with specific symbols, badges, or awards.

Memorabilia: Embroidery patches can be a popular type of memorabilia for collectors or enthusiasts. Patches can be created with images of historical events, famous figures, or iconic symbols.

If you are going to buy high-quality embroidered patches, no matter for what application, Pinstar, as one of the most experienced embroidery patch manufacturers in China, can surly satisfy your needs. Our designers will help you design your own patches. And we allow custom embroidery patches with no minimum order. Don't hesitate to contact us! Pinstar is your reliable embroidered logo patch maker!

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