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Food & Beverage

Posted By: jiuwumembrane

Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2023

Price: $600.00

Mobile: +025-58109595

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Ceramic membrane has high separation efficiency and good chemical stability, which can be used for separation, clarification, purification, and so on. Due to its good performance, ceramic membrane is widely used in the processing of food and beverage. Ceramic membrane filtration can be used for sweetener's concentration and purification. It can also be used to produce concentrated milk proteins and isolated milk proteins. Crossflow filtration is widely used in purify liquids, such as wine, fruit and vegetable juice. Membrane separation technology is used to eliminate bacteria in milk. Ceramic membrane is also extensively used in the processing of flavoring and seasoning, natural herb extract, enzyme and so on. Ceramic membrane can greatly satisfy your needs in food and beverage processing!

If you want to know more details of membrane technology in food processing, please visit our website.

Over the 20 years, JIUWU HI-TECH has focused on the advancement of membrane technology. We've launched many successful projects to get the ceramic membrane and other membrane technologies into practical use.

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