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BMC/SMC Molded Products

Posted By: waiwaitree

Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2023

Price: $50.00

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What Is SMC Plastic?

SMC, BMC thermosetting plastic products are produced by BMC SMC plastic molding process.

Plastic SMC/BMC edging motor change the traditional material of iron and aluminum to reduces the process but seals more.

High-Voltage Electrical Products
Mainly refers to switch boxes, electric control boxes, circuit breakers, fuses and transformers, etc.

Low-Voltage Electrical Products
Low-Voltage Electrical Products are not much different from high-voltage electrical products but it is a low-voltage equipment with long life.

SMC Auto Parts
Auto Parts And Accessories are much more lighter than normal products of the same sizes made of steel and aluminum.

Insulated Shell
Insulated Shell can endure for more than 30 years with an external airflow passage in the tank for adjusting inside temperature.

What is SMC Plastic?
SMC/BMC is one of thermosetting plastics, and SMC/BMC resin thermosetting plastics are thermosetting molding compounds made of unsaturated polyester resin as matrix resin. The main components of SMC/BMC thermosetting plastics include resins, thickeners, low shrinkage additives, fillers, internal mold release agents, colorants, stabilizers, and the like. It is first formulated into a resin paste and then used to impregnate or blend with a reinforcing material to form a preformed molding material. According to the preforming process and the shape of the obtained preformed material, it can be divided into SMC thermosetting plastic and BMC thermosetting plastic or DMC integral molding plastic. SMC/BMC thermosetting plastics are easy to form, have low molding shrinkage, high dimensional accuracy and good processing performance. SMC/BMC molding thermoset plastic products have excellent electrical insulation, heat resistance, flame retardancy and good mechanical strength. SMC, BMC thermosetting plastic products are widely used in electrical, construction, civil appliances, daily necessities and other industries to process a variety of insulation, structural parts, decorative parts and daily necessities.

We provide you with SMC thermoset molding and BMC thermoset molding.

About BMC/SMC Products
Zhejiang Aobang has long been committed to SMC/BMC molded parts and BMC injection parts forming processing services and SMC/BMC mold design and manufacturing. The company's strong technical strength and strong technical research and development capabilities can provide customers with SMC / BMC composite integrated solutions. The company produces various types of SMC/BMC molds, and can design and adjust the formula according to the customer's specific requirements to meet the relevant process and use requirements. It can suppress products with various properties such as flame retardant, electrical, anticorrosive, high strength and high toughness. Can be widely used in highways, automobiles, electrical, electrical, chemical, communications, railways and other fields. SMC/BMC thermoset plastic products are characterized by high mechanical properties, precise dimensions and good electrical properties. It can meet the special requirements of different products of customers, and also provide professional technical support and services for customers with different process requirements.

As a bmc material supplier, we can offer sorts of bmc composite for sale, if you have needs, please contact us.

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