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Digital Audio Processor

Posted By: gonsin2022

Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2023

Price: $1.00

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Digital Audio Processor
GONSIN audio digital signal processor adopts the fourth generation audio DSP chip, hence now it is equipped with strong DSP processing power. Furthermore, the unique core DSP method and the design for lower noise as well as lower distortion provide high-quality sound quality to the site. The updated Digital Audio Processor not only meets the operating requirements of professional audio projects of all sizes, but also meets the application requirements of various social occasions (Theatre, concert hall, remote video conference, stadium, church, convention center, theme park, etc.)

Features of Digital Audio Processor GX-DSP1022 / GX-DSP1023 / GX-DSP1024 / GX-DSP1025 / GX-DSP1026 / GX-DSP1022A / GX-DSP1023A / GX-DSP1024A / GX-DSP1025A / GX-DSP1026A
High-performance floating-point DSP processing chip

Ultra-low background noise pre-amplifier circuit, low distortion analog circuit, output high-quality sound

Support 4/8/12/16 channel balanced input, with 48V phantom power supply soft-switching, support microphone, line audio signal access

Support 8/16 balanced audio output, support connecting power amplifier, recording device and other devices

Support 4-channel Dante network audio input and output(GX-DSP1025, GX-DSP1026,GX- DSP1025A,GX-DSP1026A)

All input channels are with gain control, noise gate, automatic feedback suppressor, high and low pass filters, parametric equalizer(8 segments), compressor, delay timer and input marshalling controller

All the output channels are with high and low pass filter, parameter equalizer (8 segments), compressor, delay timer and output marshalling controller

Support matrix mixing, realize free mixing output of any input channel

Dynamic range: 118dB, ADC, DAC

Configure 8 custom function GPIO interfaces

Support USB playback and recording function, can identify Chinese songs

Built-in signal generator: sine wave signal, pink noise, white noise

Front panel with input and output volume status indicators, and error indicators

The panel carries with LCD display monitor, helps display the system status directly

Support RS-232 and TCP/IP protocol, the third-part calling-control could be achievable

Enables to output camera tracking code, be conducive to realize camera linkage function through the third-part calling-control

Support 32 sets of scene preset function, which can be called through RS-232, TCP/IP protocol

Provide simple and easy-to-use control software, support WINDOWS, Android, IOS, the software supports each channel sound control, level indication, preset call, device information query and other functions

Optional support AEC echo cancellation function

Optional dual-machine data synchronization hot backup function

It can be controlled through Ethernet connection, with intuitive operation interface and simple and efficient setting

We can offer sorts of digital sound processor for sale, and the price of audio processor is reasonable, if you have needs to buy digital sound processor, digital system processor, please contact us.

As a wireless conference room sound system manufacturer, we can offer sorts of conference system for sale, anything you need, please leave us a message.

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