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The Thrilling Tale of a Three-Time Everester: A Triumph of Determination

Posted By: ColRanveerJamwal

Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2023

Price: Best Offer

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Do you know how difficult is it to summit Mount Everest three times? Summiting Mount Everest even once is a formidable challenge; achieving it three times requires unparalleled determination and skill of Ranveer Singh Jamwal.

Meet the embodiment of perseverance – Ranveer Singh Jamwal who has successfully reached the summit of Mount Everest not just once, but an astonishing three times. Discover the challenges faced and the triumphs celebrated during each ascent.

Contact Details:-

Ranveer Singh Jamwal

Director at NIMAS

Dirang, west kameng Arunachal Pradesh
Postal address-NIMAS, Pin 900194 c/o 99 APO

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Re: Carousell will ban Taylor swift ticket sales

The scalpers are causing genuine fans difficult to get the tickets. Every time a new concert is opened for sale, within minutes the queue number is in the thousands or ten of thousands.

Scalpers are using multiple devices to queue. Once they got the ticket, post up for sale for a profit online. Reselling shouldn't be allowed but this is very hard to police.

Hope the ticketing system can be upgraded to stop the scalpers.

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Re: Anyone with in Singapore but live in Batam?

I managed to get my PT PMA in Batam
Now going for my kitas
Currently still no confident on staying in Batam

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Re: Citizenship application pending after 26 months

Hi there OP raj! Was browsing the forums and wondering if you have an update for your application? Hoping it's good news!

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Exploring Singapore on Foot

With a reliable, extensive and efficient public transportation system here in Singapore, many locals are extremely used to relying on the bus or MRT to get them exactly where they need to be at exactly the right time. The heat and the humidity also contribute to the average Singaporean’s deep-seated reluctance to walk for longer than ten minutes outdoors. However, despite all of this, Singapore may actually be one of the best countries to explore on foot.

The weather in Singapore is usually sunny and interspersed with brief periods of rain. This may not sound like a big deal to Singaporeans, but it really is comparable to living in summertime all year round for everyone else. Say what you will about the weather, the ability to stride everywhere in flip-flops and loose clothing is a definite advantage for exploring any place on foot.

Assuming that you’re not allergic to sunlight, you could conceivably be working on a tan while .....

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Re: PR Application: Additional Documents Requested

❰❰ Quote:
Hi Group,

Profile: Indian family - me, wife, daughter and son.
In SG since last 5 years.
This is my 2nd PR application, applied in Apr. ICA emailed asking additional documents ( last 6 months payslip, Form IR8A and confirmation on kids school).
I have recently did my last day at job (lost job due to restructuring) and opened a consulting company in Singapore. Already got a client onboard who pays similar to what I use to make in my full time job.
Should I proactively inform ICA of my status change or just submit the information that they have asked for?
I have only one week to submit documents so any guidance here would be helpful.

Hi FrontMan, wish you all the best and yes, its better if you can actively inform ICA of your status change.

Slightly deviating from the topic, i request you if you can share what is your field of job, job role and the education background you had for this job. Just asking this as .....

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