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Shecare Digital Thermometer Manufacturer

Posted By: Shecare

Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2023

Price: $1.00

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Digital Thermometer
【Accurate & Fast Reading】 The Shecare Digital Oral Thermometer, Switchable ℃/℉(with accuracy± 0.2 ℉ / ±0.1℃), suitable for babies, kids , adults, can accurately and speedily assist you to monitor your body temperature which works well oral within 1 minute, rectal and in armpit within 2mins.

【Soft Waterproof Probe】 The probe is very flexible, tightly fitting and easy to clean with alcohol or water for its water-resistant. When you turn on the armpit digital thermometer, your last measurement result will be displayed on the LCD screen.

【Easy To Carry】The small digital thermometer china with plastic case and automatic-off-function is easy to carry and very suitable for household, hostel and journey.

【LCD Screen & Bi-Bi Alarm】 The LCD screen can show your last measurement when turned on and show you the result clearly with beeps alarm when the measurement finished.

【Intimate Quality Service】As one of the most experienced china digital body thermometer supplier in China, we offer one-year-free warranty service for waterproof digital thermometer since the day you purchase family care thermometer, and we believe you will like our product, please feel free to contact us for any questions.
Shecare Mouth Waterproof Digital Thermometer with Label

Mode BT-A21
Range (89.60°F/32.0°C - 109.22 °F/42.9°C)
Accuracy ±0.18℉/ ±0.1℃
Measurement Time About 1 minute under the tongue and 3 minutes under the armpit
Expiration 3 years(battery not included)
Certificates FDA  CE  NMPA(CFDA)
Product Name shecare Digital Thermometer
Unit size 5.8 x 2.1 x 1.2 inches
Product unit 1 unit/box
Product weight/piece/box 1.55 Ounces (box)
Production capacity (day/month) 5000 units/day
Delivery Time 35-45

Shecare Waterproof Digital Thermometer for Kids Features
Accurately and speedily assist you to monitor your body temperature
This high accuracy digital thermometer is clinically accurate - with a high precision at ±0.9°F ( ±0.1°C) and a measuring range of 89.6°F--109.22°F .

The probe is soft and gentle
The probe is soft and gentle. Its waterproof function allows you to clean digital thermometer easily by wiping or rinsing with alcohol gel or water. It's especially a kind of good digital thermometer for kids.

Automatic beep when the measurement finished
10-second beeps alarm when the measurement is finished.

Digital Thermometer for Kids & Adults
Themometer oral digital fast reading for adults and kids babies
Themometer oral digital fast reading for adults and kids babies
Turn on the digital thermometer for kids and place the probe under the tongue. Wait for 60 seconds (You might need to wait for a bit longer for digital axillary thermometer and rectal themometer). When you hear the beeing alarm, it means the measurement is complete.

It's also a kind of axillary digital thermometer and rectal thermometer. Applicable for oral, axillary and rectal use, when you turn on the digital thermometer for kids, your last measurement result will be displayed on the LCD screen .

Switchable between °F /°C temperature unit. In the shutdown state, press the On/Off button for about 3 seconds to realize the switch between °F /°C.

The battery has a standby time of up to 1 years. Continuous use of the battery can maintain the system working for 100 hours. Auto shut/off can save battery life.

How to Wash and Use Digital Thermometer
Digital Thermometer for Kids & Adults
How to Wash and Use Digital Thermometer
Wash your hands with soap and warm water.

Use a clean digital thermometer, first wash it with cold water, then wipe it with rubbing alcohol, and then rinse with clean water to remove the alcohol.

Do not eat or drink anything for at least five minutes before measuring the temperature, as the temperature of the food or drink may make the reading inaccurate.

Place the tip of the basal digital oral thermometer under your tongue.

Put the precision digital thermometer in the same position for about 40 seconds.

The reading will continue to increase, and the F (or C) symbol will flash during the measurement.

Normally, the digital thermometer will beep when it completes the final reading (usually about 30 seconds). If you are tracking, please record the temperature and the time on body temperature thermometer app.

Rinse the digital thermometer medical with cold water, rinse with alcohol, and then rinse with clean water.

And this cleaning method is also applicable for bluetooth basal thermometer and forehead digital infrared thermometer

Digital Armpit Thermometer FAQs
How to measure digital thermometer-
1. Place the formedica thermometer probe into the hot socket under the tongue, against your root of the tongue and keep your mouth closed.

2. Lie down and wait, the measurement is done when you hear the warning sound of the digital mouth thermometer.

3.Take the probe out of the mouth and close it, rinse the probe head with water or wipe it with an alcohol swab, then put it back on the head of bed.

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