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Tube Brush

Posted By: lgbrush

Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2023

Price: $8.00

Mobile: +86-18616973799

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Types of Tube Brushes
Tube brush is a very efficient, convenient and cost-effective tool, which is widely used in food, manufacturing and other industries. Tube brush can be easily installed on pneumatic tools, machine tools, bench drills, or can be used directly by hand.

According to the different material, the range of tube brush use is also different. The common use of tube brush is cleaning, polishing and grinding. Besides, tube brush is also frequently used for hydraulic cutting groove edge deburring, cross hole deburring, air conditioning refrigerator deburring, cylinder block deburring, engine parts, mechanical processing, hole processing. Meanwhile, tube brush is also suitable for polishing some cone and cone shapes. Because the price of tube brush is low and the effect is good, tube brush is widely favoured by processing enterprises.

Nylon Tube Brush
Widely used in the food industry, it can easily clean bottles, test tubes, or other parts that are not easy to contact, and effectively remove dust and oil stains.

Quality requirements of industrial tube brush
Tube brush needs to have a good rebound performance.

The brown bristles of the brush need to receive 150-450 strokes per minute at speeds above 1200 r/min, and need to return to their original upright state in less than 0.05 seconds to facilitate preparation for the next cleaning cycle.

Tube brushes should have high strength

The brown bristles of the brush need to accept 150-450 times per minute of high speed and high strength of the needle teeth of the celine. If the bristles are not strong enough, the bristles will soon be damaged and shortened. The brushes will be used for a short period of time and the quality of the brushes will not be very good.

Tube brush needs to have a high speed

In order to ensure the effect of the brush on the number of needle teeth of the tin, the brush is required to have a high speed, the current brush running speed is basically above 1200r/min. This puts a high demand on the dynamic balance, static balance and firmness of the brush. This way the brushes will be more durable and greatly enhance the use time of the brushes.

Characteristics of Tube Brush
Pipe brush has the characteristics of economy, safety, convenience and efficiency. It can solve the inner wall polishing, cleaning and other problems with the minimum cost. For metal-process industry, we can design the grip shank specially for the pipe brush, so that it can be easily installed on CNC, bench drill and other equipment, and has good concentricity, and dose not beat when rotaing at high speed. Pipe brush can ensure that the processed products have consistent quality, and do not damage the workpiece. In the food and medical industry, we provide food grade pipe brush to ensure the maximum safety of food and medicine.

Advantages of Tube Brush
We have fully automated production equipment, so we can ensure that we have the ability to provide the high quality wire pipe brush to customers in time when we receive the large order. Our precision control is very high, which can meet the customer for the tolerance requirements.

What are tube brushes used for?
Tube brush as an emerging brush products, its application range is very wide, commonly used in hydraulic felling hole groove edge deburring, cross hole deburring, air conditioning refrigerator (compressor) deburring, cylinder deburring, engine parts, machining, hole processing, brake Ceres processing; also suitable for some vertebral round, cone, venturi type hole polishing. The spherical brush can be used for the best surface treatment of cylinders, valves, cavities and pipes of various shapes and sizes in a quick and easy way. Polishing brush can automatically centering, automatic calibration of the hole surface for fine and consistent processing, does not affect the original accuracy and scale of the workpiece, easy to use, safe, economical, significant results.

As an industrial brush company, we provide abrasive brush for drill, wire bottle brush for drill, pipe brush set, wire fitting brush, external tube brush, small tube cleaning brushes, small pipe brush, plumbing pipe brush, pipe fitting brush and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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