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Waterproofing service! Roof leak? Ceiling leak? Wall leak? Call us for FREE site checking

Posted By: Icecity

Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2023

Price: Best Offer

Mobile: +65 92744964

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Ice City Waterproofing Services is a local company, with more than 20years experience, specialize in roof/ceiling and floor waterproofing. We provide services to main contractor, direct clients of residential houses, HDBflats, commercial and industrial building.
We onlychoose the HIGH quality material for your property, and our professional workerwill give you the satisfied result with short completion period and the lowestcost.

Our services:
· RC, tile, metal roof etc. waterproofing system;
· Roof garden waterproofing system;
· Torch on membrane system;
· Toilet, bath, wet area waterproofing system;
· Pond, water feature and swimming pool waterproofing system;
· Epoxy injection for CD shelter;
· Basement tanking system;
· Concrete repair system;
· Structural repair;
· Grouting System;
· Tile fixing of internal and externalwall/floor;
· All kinds of painting services of internal& external;
· All kinds of Roof/Wall leakages repairservices;
· Ceiling seepage and spalling repair services;

FREEConsultancy! FREE Site Checking!
NoHacking! Lowest Cost! More 20 years Experience! Direct Workers! WarrantyProvide!

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5th time PR Applicant 2024 - Need your advice!

Hi all,

I am new to this forum and hope to get your advice as I am pondering whether I should apply this year or wait further. As the title goes, I was rejected 4 times before. Below is my profile:

- Single F, Vietnamese, 33 Yo
- EP Holder, Automotive MNC
- Annual salary: 100K ish (84K basic)
- Graduated from local university, have been working since 2016, never worked elsewhere except Singapore
- Have been living in Singapore for past 15 years and truly want to stay here for the rest of my life.

I have some questions after reading some posts in the forum:

1. I recently purchase a property in my birth country under my name. Is this a disadvantage to my PR application? Should I declare it in the form? I didn't purchase it because I want to move back, just due to my family circumstance.

2. My past applications included letter of endorsements from Singaporeans (my friends, my bosses, etc) but still unsuccessful. Should I still include them this time? Do you think the officers will .....

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Re: Company in SG or HK?

Thanks [mention]Strong Eagle[/mention], that's quite helpful :)

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is it possbile to give birth on social visit pass

Hi! I am PR and my wife staying here on short term pass and currently 6 months pregnant. I tried apply long term pass for her using Singapore doctor letter but keep on getting rejected.

On ICA website, have one section where you can apply for permission to give birth but when you click apply, it will bring you to apply Long term pass application. Useless to apply again since already reject.

Is it possible for her to give birth in Singapore on short term social pass? anybody had done it before? Please advise. Thanks

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Re: School bus costs

I think the school bus fees almost doubled this year, due to the rising cost and shortage of drivers, hearing from friends..

Some of the average fees I heard, $10k for 2 kids two-ways (20km per way) for two terms and some are about $6k for 2 kids (6km per way) for two terms.

I guess it varies with the bus companies too.

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School bus costs

Can anyone please tell me roughly how much the school bus costs per semester/per year? For international schools. I do appreciate it is by distance but wanted to know roughly if it would be prohibitive for us.


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