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Fibre Inserts

Posted By: Ecolution Packaging

Date: Mon, 29 May 2023

Price: $1.00

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Made from recycled paper or natural fibres
Fibre trays/inserts are a lightweight and economical way of protecting goods
A sustainable way to enhance the presentation
Fibre Inserts/Trays Materials
Our moulded pulp fibre packaging is made from recycled paper or natural fibres such as sugarcane bagasse, wheat straw and bamboo. Unlike standard foam or PET plastic inserts, moulded fibre gift box insert and gift box tray reduce the land required for virgin fibre production and the amount of virgin fibre going to landfill. The packaging inserts/trays even can be reused as planter pots.

The packaging inserts/cosmetic tray and chocolate trays made from sugarcane are also compatible with food packaging; there’s a low risk of chemicals migrating into the food contents, reducing contamination risks.

Our gift box inserts have sturdy quality. By using them, you can make sure that your products are well-protected during transit and storage. They are also a good choice financially, as they are stackable, which saves you shipping and storage space costs.

Fibre Inserts/Trays Custom Options
Our paper gift box inserts are highly customisable. Customising your fibre inserts/trays allows you to create a unique, eye–catching look that will draw the attention of customers as well as a perfect fit to provide additional protection for delicate goods. An important advantage of customising your fibre packaging inserts/trays is that it can help you to create a consistent brand image. Using the same colours, shapes and sizes for all your products, you can ensure that customers easily recognise your brand, build brand recognition and make your products more desirable.

Customising your moulded fibre packaging can be done in various ways, from choosing and branding colours to creating custom shapes and sizes.

Colours: White, light grey, brown and black (MOQ: 5,000)

Other existing colours as shown in the colour chart below and branding colours (MOQ: Higher)

Shapes: Custom shapes with multiple compartments as required

Sizes: Custom

Fibre Inserts/Trays Specifications
Minimum order quantity: 5,000pcs

Application: Wine and spirits, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, jewellery and watches

Lead time: 8-12 weeks

Disposal: Home compostable/organic waste

More kinds of chocolate insert, medical insert and bottle insert, please visit our website.

As a packaging supplier, we can offer sorts of related products for sale, anything you need, please contact us.

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Newborn son and pending PR application

My husband and I applied for PR with our 18 months son in October last year.
We have now second son born in March 2024.

Is there a way to include newborn son in pending already PR application?

Also my salary has increased since Oct 2023 significantly. Should I inform ICA? How can I do it?


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Something tells me casey5047 won't be living in an HDB, so won't have to deal with nosy neighbours who have been brainwashed to fear the government.

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Re: PR Application Rejected | Support Needed

Its likely not the pay or international school.

I would say
1. Indian
2. MNC

I say this from personal experience and the experience of friends in healthcare AND from accounts on this forum.Certain jobs get PR and citizenship easily EVEN being in a ' minority ' race.

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I've been here a wee bit longer than you have. I used to own a fair number of dogs until I bought my HDB flat and only brought one with me and that one was too big for the HDB guidelines (but I deliberately bought a 2nd floor walkup (no lift access and only one neighbor) Even walking up and down the single flight of stairs was using eyes in the back of my head. Fortunately she passed on about 6 years after moving in here and she was loved by all the little kids in the park but the looks I got from some of the parents, well I often wondered how close I came to being reported (the dogs was 95% black) as the locals back then were really afraid of "Black" dogs, I never replaced her as she was with me from the age of 3 months till a couple months shy of her 14th year (stroke). She was a rather large cross-breed as well. Half Collie and half GS with the general marking of a GS but with coat length and texture of a Collie but weighed double the allowable weight for HDB. What I know is, after .....

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Re: PR Chance 2024

❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:

Very low chance and hope to be wrong here.

Thank you so much for the response. Actually it got rejected last week. Please advise what shall I can do to improve my profile? It was our 7th time application which was rejected. Applying since got married.

Not going to be easy
- You need to move to an EP first and be on it for 3-5 years
- Salary has to increase significantly

only after the above 2 you will have a small chance.

Thank you for the valuable feedback. Much appreciated! I will work on it to get my EP and improve my salary.

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