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TV Wall Mount, tilting, up to 59kg (130lbs)

Posted By: lousyfool

Date: Mon, 22 May 2023

Price: -


Just reduced the price! Get it now or never!!!

Brand new, never used, in originally sealed box:
Sanus System TV/Display Wall Mount

• Fits most TV or display models.
• Supports up to 59kg / 130lbs.
• Tilts /- 12 degrees.

Please check my other listings for more lucky chances!

IMPORTANT -- please keep reading:

• This is a private sale. Item is functional and in "new" condition, has never been unpacked or used. However, sold "as is".
• A sale is final, no "change of mind" or else, no reversals or returns with refund.
• Questions? First, please make sure you've read everything, then message me here. I always respond and ASAP, but sometimes it's on the next day.
• NO low-balling at any time!!! The price is good, not way off. Not pinching pennies, but if I wanted to sell even much cheaper, I would have posted an even much lower price to start with.
• NO negotiating (not even on decent level) before you have seen the items, because you don't even know what exactly you're talking about.
• Meeting for viewing, negos, payment and pickup ONLY at my flat in Punggol near Coral Edge LRT. No shipping.
• Payment immediately once we have a deal (not later) and in FULL (no "downpayment now, rest later"), per PayNow or cash (no change given).

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Tiktok is absolute see everyone making quick content for the sake of drawing attention.

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Re: Expat forum " seem dead ? "

The GenZs are using IG and Tiktok. Some are on reddit. Many of them use Discord. It is very rare for them to use forums and FB. I am GenX. I can see the allure of short videos (tiktok, reels). They are addicting but they are a time waster and not really a source of useful information.

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Several things are against you (race, nationality, industry) but I have heard of people who are not from the majority race approved for PR after multiple rejected applications. So your chances are low but not zero so you can keep applying.

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Chances of PR in 2024

Hi All,

We have recently been considering reapplying for permanent residency (PR) and are seeking some feedback on our chances.


I am a 45-year-old male, and my wife is 41 years old. We are Indian nationals with a 12-year-old daughter.

I have been employed with a US-based bank as a Senior Product Manager for the past 12 years in Singapore, with a salary of approximately $185,000. I hold a Master's degree along with several professional qualifications.

My wife is a homemaker but has been actively associated with an NGO for the last 9 years.

Our daughter is currently attending a local school and is preparing for the PSLE. She is excelling academically, having won several Olympiad exams, and she holds the position of head girl at her school.

We have previously applied for PR on multiple occasions , with our last application being rejected in October 2021.

Thank you for your assistance and insights.


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Thanks Max. As I said, Chemistry is not my strong suite. Thanks for the note on the n/l error. I had the principle correct but the element was off!

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