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Posted By: laiko

Date: Fri, 19 May 2023

Price: $100.00

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China Carbon Molecular Sieve

PSA (pressure swing adsorption) nitrogen generation is implemented by the selective adsorb characteristic of CMS, and different adsorption capacities under different pressure. When pressure rises, the oxygen will be absorbed by molecular sieve material because of its faster expansion speed in the micropore structure of CMS, thus oxygen gas and nitrogen gas are separated. While pressure reduces, the oxygen is desorbed, and CMS regenerated. This cyclic operation lets the nitrogen generation in succession.

NAIKE Carbon Molecular Sieve Properties
Model Grain diameter Bearing strength Pile proportion Test temperature Absorption periods Adsorption Pressure Purity(%) Productivity (Nm3/h.t) Nitrogen recovery(%)(N2、Air)

CMS-240 1.0~1.2 mm 255N/grain 660~680 g/l 20°C 58 2 58 2= 120 seconds 0.6MPa 99.99 99.99 ≥21
99.9 99.9 ≥31
99.5 99.5 ≥40
99 99 ≥45
98 98 ≥46
97 97 ≥48
0.8MPa 99.99 100 ≥21
99.5 220 ≥40
99 255 ≥45
98 295 ≥46
97 335 ≥48

Technical Parameter
Model Carbon Molecular Sieve
Appreance Black, extruded(Pellet)
Diameter 1.0- 1.2mm, 1.3- 1.5mm or customized
Crushing Strength 100N/P min
Bulk Density(g/l) 650-690
Water content(wt.%) 1 -0.5
Dust Level 100PPM Max
Type Adsorbent Pressure Nitrogen Purity Nitrogen Quantity N2/Air
(MPa) (N2%) (NH3/h.t) (%)
CMS-200 0.8 99.99 70 21
99.9 140 27
99.5 200 36
99 260 41
98 330 48
CMS-220 0.8 99.99 90 25
99.9 160 34
99.5 220 43
99 290 48
98 360 54
CMS-240 0.8 99.99 100 26
99.9 175 35
99.5 240 44
99 300 49
98 370 55
CMS-260 0.8 99.99 120 23
99.9 180 27
99.5 260 32

Package: 20kg/40kg/ 137kg Plastic Drum, carton barrel
MOQ: 500KG
Payment Terms: T/T;L/C;Western Union
Warranty: a)shelf time: > 3 years
b)Offer lifetime consultation on problemsoccurred
Container 20GP 40GP Sample Order
Quantity 10.8MT 21.6MT <5kg
Delivery Time 5 days 10 days Stock available

Service Scope

The following merits of service:

High ratio performence&price, reducing investment cost and operation cost.

Large hardness, little ash, long service life, uniform particles which protests air current impact.

Stable quality: Testing strictly according to 100% standard of production and ex-factory testing management.

The resin uses in producing the high pure nitrogen with good performance which substitutes the similar import products.

As one of carbon molecular sieve suppliers, we can offer sorts of related products for sale, and the carbon molecular sieve price is low, anything you need, please leave us a message.

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