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Fishing Tools

Posted By: saigaogroup

Date: Thu, 18 May 2023

Price: $2,000.00

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The fishing tools for drilling are the most widely used tool for overhauling oil and water wells. There are many varieties and specifications of well drilling fishing tools. According to the types of falling objects in the well, they can be divided into five categories: spear tools, overshot tools, junk basket, hook fishing tools, and cutter tools.

As one of the full-fledged oil and gas equipment suppliers and the local China fishing tools manufacturers, SAIGAO GROUP provides customers with various types of fishing tools for drilling.

Types of Fishing Tools in Drilling For Sale
LM-T Type Releasing Casing Spear
DYLT-T Type Series 70 Short Catch Overshot
DYLT-T Type Series 20 Short Catch Overshot
DKJ Type Reverse Joint
HYLG Type Adjustable Hook
HLM-SS Type Fishing Spear
DKJ Type Releasing Spear
WG Type External Fishing Grab
NG Type Internal Fishing Grab
Fishing Magnet
MZ Type Die Collar
GZ Type Taper Tap

The Classification of Fishing Tools
Fishing tool is a special junk sub fishing tool used to retrieve fallen objects from the borehole. At any stage of the operation, the drill rig operator will encounter unexpected situations, such as falling drill string, stuck pipe, missing drill bit, etc. The equipment that falls into the well is called "fish" or "trash", and the tools used to remove the equipment are called "fishing tools." Sometimes it may be necessary to use "fishing tools" to retrieve older wellbore equipment, such as packers, liners, tubing, or any stuck objects in the well. The drilling tools for fishing must be retrieved from the borehole in order to continue drilling operations.

Overshot is a very common die collar fishing tool. The main fishing object is a smooth tube fish, which belongs to the external fishing type (i.e. catching the external surface of the fish).

Taper tap and die collar are common casing spear fishing tools the inner hole of the string. They are used for fishing the inner hole with holes such as tubing, drill pipe, casing milling pipe, packer, water distributor, etc. It is made of high-quality alloy steel and especially heats treated. It has the advantages of high strength, high toughness, and simple buckle making.

What is Fishing Tools in Drilling Operation
Fishing (in drilling operations) means the recycle of the unnecessary equipment or material left or lost downhole. If certain item dropped into the well, the special mechanism fishing is required. Usually, there are four different types of fishing tools: diagnostic (e.g., the impression block), inside grappling (e.g., Saigao NG type internal fishing grab), outside grappling (e.g., Saigao WG type external fishing grab), and force intensifiers or jars (e.g., Saigao hydraulic jar intensifier). Different types of fishing tools in during have special traits to handle different situation. For example, the inside grappling device is also referred to as the spear. It is usually presented in a tapered and threaded profile, which allows the fisherman to locate the device into the top of the “fish” and then makes an recovery attempt.

It takes few days to conduct the fishing operation, and during fishing, the drilling operation isn't able to be taken. Fishing is a significant step in the drilling, and that is why choosing the right and good sucker rod fishing tools matters.

How Do Fishing Tools Work During Drilling
There is no doubt that people will come across a host of problems during the drilling process. The drill string or drilling bit may break or drop into the hole while the pipe and other devices or tools may fall from the rig floor into the borehole. All of the pieces fallen into the oil well are called “fish” or “junk”, through which the common drilling bits cannot drill. Under this circumstance, certain types of fishing tools are employed. Each fishing tool is designed to deal with specific situation, that is, to perform a specific fishing task or recycle certain type of fish. In most cases, the fishing tools are screwed into the end of fishing string and lowered to the bottom of the well with the fisherman guided to the top of the fish.

If the professional fisherman cannot decide which type of borehole fishing tool should be employed to fish, an impression block is used to acquire the impression of the fish. After that, the professional will know what kind of fish he/she is handling with.

Fishing Tools for Drilling FAQs
What are some Challenges ssociated with using Fishing Tools for Drilling?
One of the main challenges associated with using fishing tools for drilling is the difficulty of retrieving lost or stuck equipment from the wellbore. The wellbore can be a hostile environment with high temperatures, pressures, and corrosive fluids. In addition, retrieving lost equipment can be time-consuming and expensive, and may require specialized equipment and expertise.

What are Some Common Types of Fishing Tools for Drilling?
Some common types of fishing tools for drilling include overshoots, spears, junk baskets, and mills. Overshoots are used to grip and retrieve drill pipe or casing that has become stuck in the wellbore. Spears are used to retrieving broken or lost equipment from the wellbore, while junk baskets are used to capture debris and other materials that may be blocking the wellbore. Mills are used to removing stuck pipes or other obstructions from the wellbore.

How important are fishing tools for drilling in the oil and gas industry?
Fishing tools for drilling are extremely important in the oil and gas industry, as they allow companies to retrieve lost or stuck equipment from the wellbore and prevent costly and time-consuming drilling delays. Fishing operations can be complex and challenging and require a high level of skill and experience. As such, fishing tools and services are in high demand in the industry.

We can offer kinds of oilfield cementing tools for sale, if you are interested, please contact us.

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