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Aluminum Foil

Posted By: lichenalu

Date: Thu, 11 May 2023

Price: $3,000.00

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Aluminum foil is lightweight, airtight, and has good cladding, and a series of advantages. It is widely used in daily life, it is mainly used for packaging, electrical, and building three major areas. Aluminum foil by shape can be divided into rolls of aluminum foil and aluminum foil flake. Aluminum foil processing wool most rolls in supply with only a few hand industrial packaging occasions with flake aluminum foil.

As a professional bulk aluminum foil manufacturer in China, Lichenalu has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and wholesaling aluminium foil coil. If you want to wholesale aluminium foil coil, welcome to contact us.

Aluminum Foil Types
1235 Aluminum Foil
1235 aluminum foil is a common base material for tape foil. Common in life is a transparent tape, cloth tape. Here we are talking about tape with good adhesion, strong adhesion, anti-aging, and good heat preservation performance.

8011 Aluminum Foil
8011 aluminium foil china is a product of 8xxx aluminum alloy and also a hot-selling product of aluminum foil of Lichen Aluminum. We have 8011 aluminum foil types as follows:

8079 Aluminum Foil
8079 aluminum foil is one of the 8xxx aluminum alloy products. Compared to other alloy aluminum foil, 8079 aluminum foil is more moisture-proof, good air tightness, keep the taste and other advantages.

8021 Aluminum Foil
8021 aluminum foil is a hot-selling aluminum foil product of Lichen Aluminum, it has great physical advantages. Add other trace elements, avoid the shortcomings of pure aluminum aluminum foil.

3003 Aluminum Foil
3003 aluminum foil is an AL-Mn series alloy. It is a rust-proof aluminum foil with a wide range of applications, but it is not strong enough and cannot be strengthened by heat treatment.

8006 Aluminum Foil
8006 aluminum foil is one of the hot-selling products of 8-series aluminum alloy, which is a non-heat-treatable reinforced aluminum alloy, mostly used for wrinkle-free food box materials.

Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil
Pharmaceutical foil, with one side bright and one side dull for adhesiveness on dull size side and also having length requirement, is a typical product of pharmaceutical grade aluminum alloy used for so the demand for aluminum electrolytic capacitors is also increasing.

Hydrophilic Aluminum Foil
Aluminum foil have many special characteristic:rich polish, light weight, anti-damp, anti-pollute and is the well transmit electricity body.

Aluminum Foil Applications
Aluminum foil with a lightweight, airtight and good cladding and a series of advantages, is widely used in daily life, it is mainly used for packaging, electrical and building three major areas. Aluminum foil by shape can be divided into rolls of aluminum foil and aluminum foil flake. Aluminum foil processing wool most rolls in supply, with only a few hand industrial packaging occasions with flake aluminum foil. Lichen, as a professional China aluminum company, is able to offer a wide range of Aluminum foil, to check more aluminum products, please contact us.

Aluminium foil has many useful uses, it can be applied in the food industry, in the medical industry, and also in daily life. Aluminium foil used for feet can treat your pains and ache of feet as an effective pain reliever. Aluminium foil used for food packaging can protect food against moisture, oxygen, light, and other gases. Aluminium foil for pharmaceutical packaging also protects drugs from the impact of moisture, oxygen, and other gases, as well as micro-organisms and light to extend the shelf life.

Industrial Aluminium Foil Function
Since the aluminium foil is pliable, thin, and can easily be bent or wrapped, it generally is made into aluminium foil roll or thin aluminum foil. Extra Heavy-Duty Aluminum Foil is the top-quality foil that is thicker and wider. It is made to be extra-strong and heavy-duty to have a higher or lower temperature tolerance. For example, the extra-large turkey foil tray is used to contain heavy turkey. Color aluminum foil can be used in the crafting industry such as colorful metallic collages, mosaics, michaels, and other craft projects.

Industrial Aluminum Foil Solutions from Lichen
Lichen has focused on the production and processing of aluminum foils for many years. As the professional aluminum foil company of china, Lichen is devoted to providing aluminum foil of high quality and preferential price. As for the commercial aluminum foil, Lichen produces the aluminum foil for drug packaging which is widely used in the pharmaceutical area. Lichen will continue to make progress in developing medicinal foil to fulfill the domestic and foreign medicinal aluminum foil market.

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