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PP Sheet Extrusion Line

Posted By: jwell

Date: Thu, 11 May 2023

Price: $1.00

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The PP Sheet Extrusion Line of Jinwei company is divided into:

PP, PS blister sheet, and stationery decorative sheet production line: PP and PS sheets are widely used, and can be directly used for the packaging of food and electronic products after Blister molding; Various transparent, two-color.

Frosted, 3D stationery piece. The multi-layer coextrusion production line can be customized according to customer requirements, and the output ranges from 100-1200kg / h.

PP, EVA, EVOH multilayer co-extrusion pp sheet extrusion line.

Due to the increasingly stringent requirements of the market for products, Suzhou Jinwei has developed advanced five-layer symmetric and seven-layer asymmetric distribution technology, which makes the pp sheet extrusion produced by the equipment obtain better performance.

The composite high barrier fresh-keeping packaging sheet is mainly used in jelly packaging, food packaging such as high-grade meat food, fast food rice, medicine, cosmetics, and so on.

PP Sheet Extrusion Line Application
PP sheet produced by pp sheet making machine and making machine not only has high transparency, good barrier, low density, non-toxic and hygienic but also can be recycled. It will not produce toxic and harmful gases during heating or combustion, will not endanger human health, and will not corrode equipment. It is a new type of green environmental protection packaging material. PP sheet of pp sheet extrusion line china can be made into various products through secondary processing such as thermoforming, which is mainly used for packaging of food, medicine, medical devices, and so on.

If processed into jelly boxes, dairy packaging boxes, fast food boxes, cold drink containers, trays, microwave oven appliances, etc., they can be used for food packaging; The processed blister can be used for the packaging of solid preparations such as drug tablets and capsules. In foreign countries, especially in developed countries and regions, transparent PP sheets are widely used in food packaging and other fields.

JWELL Extrusion Machinery Co. Ltd is a high-tech manufacturer specializing in the research and development of yarn spinning machines, plastic extrusion lines. JWELL Extruder factory China has high qualified R&D and experienced mechanical and electrical engineer team.

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i’m going to seek the wisdom of those wiser than me before i reply the earlier messages.

i’m somewhat at a cross road.

my child’s mom wanted a divorce but then changed her mind, somewhat. i wanted a divorce weeks after she brought it up.

actually i want a divorce -yesterday-

but she has strong armed me into agreeing to stay married by using the child. threats of not seeing my child, etc.

she is demanding that we stay married but i live in a separate apartment when i’m not looking after the child.

at the moment i’m doing the job of a full time stay at home dad / house help.

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medical care is cheaper and probably is just as good. i saw a specialist here a few months ago.

there’s a thomson medical hospital about 15 minutes away from my place. sunway specialist center is about 10 minutes away.

but i get to do other things in sg when i head back.

also, the drive is good for my psyche.

but you’re right. i should go to a hospital nearby. i have no time though… : (

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Re: the “not whiskey” about malaysia

The agent was probably referring to the Sarawak MM2H. They're still on the previous requirements, way more feasible. Ditto Sabah btw.

Either way, the current Putrajaya nose-bleed requirements are going to be reversed back to something similar to the previous version any day now. I reckon you should just aim for that MM2H. That is, if you're going ahead with extending.

Incidentally, since you're on MM2H, you're on some kind of health insurance in Malaysia; why not just pop over to a private clinic there? You'll likely get top-notch service at considerably lower cost than in Singapore.

Your spousal issues, sorry man, I don't know where to start :-( :-(

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Hope the symptoms subside, and that it isn't long Covid. Some of my girlfriends still have trouble with smelling and tasting, and have never had their stamina fully restored.

my stamina is messed up : (

i get winded - fast!

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Re: the “not whiskey” about malaysia

❰❰ Quote:

Of course, the current federal MM2H is dead as a doornail, though, yes, it does appear Putrajaya is about to ease the requirements back to pre-Covid levels.

i think the visa agent that did my mm2h told me a while back there was a new visa.

“mm2h lite” which requires i think parking 250k (?) with their local bank. i assumed this was around the time when mm2h changed.

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