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Buy Dell EMC Server Singapore

Posted By: Server2usingapore

Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2023

Price: $20,938.00

Mobile: +65 90171170

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Precomp Singapore offer wide range of Servers Option and Enterprise One Stop Solution, Dell HPE Lenovo Cisco Huawei and More, Server Storage Networking,

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Re: Switch US job - SG Citizenship application


Assuming you earn S$200k = US$147k and max out your tax advantaged accounts, what is the effective tax rate as a married sole breadwinner? You are looking at around 6.3% federal and 2.4% state. Not nearly as bad as you might think.

7.65% FICA is also deducted, but that is comparable to CPF, because it goes toward OASDI (old age, survivors and disability insurance).


Depending on the company, career opportunities in the US can be far greater than what is available here. Likewise, companies in Singapore often consider employees with overseas experience in high regard.


I don’t know that taking an overseas assignment would put your SC application in jeopardy, especially since you’ve already had your application in for a year. However, it would put your REP renewal in jeopardy - when does it expire?


For double the pay, I would take the opportunity, especially if my experience was .....

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Re: [2024] Timeline of Citizenship Application (Approved) (Malaysian Chinese)


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Re: [2024] Timeline of Citizenship Application (Approved) (Malaysian Chinese)

❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:
19 months wait for a Malaysian Chinese SC application

Why? is it good? is it bad?

from what I've read from other social media, many applicants who are mothers with children got approved within a year.
Yes it is pretty much straightforward for malaysian chinese. Congrats you got it, but its not much surprising, as there are not many tough criteria. Else, it is quite impossible to get Workpass to Sc in just 7 years without local sponsor. Not very likely for other races in such short duration.

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Re: Updating ICA on spouse work status for PR application

❰❰ Quote:

I have a pending PR application (going on 10 months now). I am the main applicant and my application includes my husband and daughter.

However, my husband's EP was not renewed and he will be out of work by end Jun. I will be applying him as my DP.

In this case, do I need to inform ICA of the change in my husband's work status, even though he is not the main applicant in our PR application? Or do I only need to inform them if there are changes pertaining to my status/circumstances (the main applicant).

Thank you in advance.

ANY CHANGE related to EACH individual in the APPLICANTS list MUST be informed to the ICA. However, ICA will automatically know when he changes his status from EP to DP. But do you want ICA to feel like they found out by themselves about this change, without you informing them? That is upto you, but i suggest please dont play with ICA. The best way is to inform the change after .....

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Re: National Service Deferment Procedure in Singapore.

I think you're out of luck.

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