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10 Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Bring in Qualified Buyers

Posted By: williamshakes

Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2023

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1. Utilize social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to showcase listings and interact with potential buyers. (Real estate email list)
2. Offer virtual tours and 3D walkthroughs of properties to give buyers a clear picture of what they're buying.
3. Partner with local businesses to reach more potential buyers in the area.
4. Use targeted digital ads to reach buyers who are actively searching for homes in the area.
5. Host open houses and other events to give buyers a chance to see the property in person.
6. Invest in professional photography and videography to make listings stand out.
7. Utilize email marketing campaigns to keep in touch with potential buyers and stay top-of-mind.
8. Offer special promotions and incentives to buyers who purchase a property through you.
9. Create a blog or podcast that offers helpful information about the local real estate market.
10. Offer a home warranty to give buyers peace of mind and build trust in the transaction.

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Re: Spouse PR formalities

Integration is a subtle thing. It's not something you can use a Gantt Chart to completion. It is a subconscious thing that will naturally happen (or not-if you actively shun it). There is not any sort of template or guideline, as it were. Mine was totally unorthodox in both timing and approach. In fact it was, as noted, totally unconscious on my part and just happened (but at the same time after 41 years here I still do not/will not speak Singlish here. :wink: :cool:

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Re: Maternity benefits for EP holders

Above - From government .

Anything more then that , depend on company. Check with your HR

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Maternity benefits for EP holders

Hi - wondering what people's experiences are with maternity benefits when child is not a Sg citizen (interestingly, I assumed it would apply to all Sg mothers but it looks like it hinges on the child, not the mother).

I've heard of companies ranging from 6.5 months maternity for all employees regardless of nationality, to 2 months paid + 1 extra month unpaid for EP holders (which looks like the minimum).

Just wondering what the standard is nowadays for MNCs/tech companies? Do they do 4 months for everyone?

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Re: Spouse PR formalities

❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:
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I believe Sg stopping using the PR interview technique in the late 1990's or shortly after the millennium. I got mine in 1995 and did have the interview before being granted PR (two officers in a small interview room for around 1.5 hrs if I remember correctly. Even then, while the issuance of PR was a go down to the ICA building, there was not any formalities as you aren't giving up anything. Bit different when giving up your former citizenship.

In reality, probably less than a hour (mine was a special case when they found out my assimilation here after being here for 13 years) spent well over 45 minutes gossiping and giving them a blow by blow of my activities considering for the most part of the 1st 8 years were spent offshore in the oilfields. That also was back in the day of .....

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Re: COVID Vaccine requirements for Work Pass

I have exactly the same issue and would be grateful for hands-on information about the practice in reality currently.. Whether unvaxxed applicants are rejected work passes right away or how to handle this issue.

Thanks in advance for any information!

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