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Button Bit

Posted By: LitianHeavyIndustry

Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2023

Price: $600.00

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Threaded button bits for rock drilling, a kind of top hammer drill bit and rock drill bit, is mainly used with hydraulic drill rods (pneumatic drill rods) and hydraulic rock drills (or pneumatic rock drills) in top hammer drilling. Button bits rock drilling use different forms of threads to cooperate with the drill rod to perform drilling operations.

Types of Button Bits for Sale
Litian, a reliable button bits factory, offers high-quality top hammer button rock drill bits for sale at competitive prices. We have the most of threaded button bits that you need, such as R32 drill button bit, t38 drill bits, t45 bits, T51 bits, etc. Check more about our hard rock drill bits and soft rock drill bits for hammer drill in the following!

Threaded Button Bit
In top hammer threaded rock drilling tools china, standard threaded button bit is the most widely used drill bit, which can be applied to all rock conditions. Our standard button bits are R25 button bit, R32 button bit...

Retrac Button Bit
Retrac button bits are mainly used in loose rock mass with relatively broken rock. The retrac skirt design can assist in retrieving the drill tool, reduce the phenomenon of bit stuck and buried.

Reaming Bit
Reaming bit is a hole opener that drills a pilot hole to a certain depth and then reams the hole to a larger diameter. It is mainly used for center hole reaming in long hole drilling.

Button Bit Product Specification
Product Top Hammer Rock Drilling Tool - Button Bit
Other Names top hammer drill bits, threaded button bit, threaded drill bit, hard rock drilling bits, button drill bit, rock drill bits, mining drill bits
Material Structural Alloy Steel, Tugestun Carbide
Application Tunnelling, Mining, Quarrying, Blasting and Infrastructure Construction

Facedrilling and Bolting, Bench Drilling, Production drilling, Long hole drilling, Drifting
Thread R25, R28, R32, R35, R38, T38, T45, T51, GT60, ST58, ST68, SR28, SR35...
Bit Type Standard button bit, Retrac button bit, Pilot Reaming Bit, Dome reaming bit
Skirt Design Standard skirt, Retrac skirt, Straightrac type, Heavy duty skirt
Face Design Flat face, Drop center face, Convex face, Uni-face, Reaming type, Cross type, X type
Button Shape Spherical buttons, Ballistic buttons, Conical buttons, Composite buttons
Head Diameter 28mm~152mm
Custom Design Acceptable

We offer different threaded Button Bit Types including standard button bit, retrac button bit, pilot reamer bit, spherical button drill bit, ballistic button bit, flat face drill bit, drop center drill bit etc. What's more, custom design of hard rock drilling bits is supported.

Button Bits Rock Drilling Advantages

High-quality raw material
Our button rock drill bits are made of high-quality steel and cemented carbide as raw materials. After a special heat treatment process, the drilling rig drill bit has a long service life and can minimize the loss of impact energy during transmission.

Advanced button fixation technology
The drilling rig drill bit adopts advanced button fixation technology. The fixation force is uniform and it is not easy to lose buttons. At the same time, it can ensure the verticality of the drilling hole, so that the impact energy can be concentrated on the rock.

Advanced thread manufacturing process
Our drill button bits are with advanced thread manufacturing technology. Threads manufactured with precise tolerances enable the drill bit and the drill rod to be connected more tightly, and can transmit impact energy more effectively, while greatly reducing the risk of dents and fractures at the thread end, and improving overall production efficiency. In actual use, many of our thread button bits, such as R32 button bit, T38 drill bits, T45 drill bits, T51 bits are all have good performance.

Excellent rock drilling bits design
Litian is one of the experienced drill bit manufacturers in China and we have many face designs of drill button bits suitable for different rock formations, which can meet the drilling requirements of different hardness rocks, improve drilling efficiency and reduce costs.

Strict quality control
All button drill bits for rock drilling have implemented strict quality control to ensure that each button drill bit is of high quality.

Button Bits Selection

For different rock formations and drilling requirements, button rock drill bits need to be equipped with different types of bit faces, skirts and carbides.

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