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RFH 355nm UV nanosecond laser marking plastics for 16 years

Posted By: rfhlaser

Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2023

Price: $6,469.00

Mobile: +8618928466502

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RFH 355nm UV nanosecond laser marking plastics for 16 years

More UV laser, pls contact us!
Whatsapp: 8618928466502
Email: [email protected]

A customer from Thailand ordered a 355nm UV nanosecond laser from RFH a few years ago to perform a paint stripping process on fans. Due to the climate in Thailand, the weather is hot and humid. Fans are a very important tool for cooling down the heat. The huge fan market also makes the competition for fan sales fierce.

The paint stripping process of the RFH ultraviolet laser on the fan can make the appearance of the fan more beautiful. The paint stripping of the buttons is carried out with high precision, and it can be produced without contact and consumables. In addition, the paint stripping speed of the ultraviolet laser is very fast, and the paint stripping of the material can be completed in only ten seconds, and the quality of the paint stripping process is very high, clear, complete and indelible.

RFH has invested in laser technology research for more than ten years, and the research and development of ultraviolet lasers has not stopped. Therefore, ultraviolet lasers have been significantly improved in the past few years, and there are more possibilities in technology. After learning about the new changes through video, the Thai customer continued to order UV lasers from RFH for use in the new production line.

The research of RFH has the charm of allowing customers to buy many times, the practical technology and the quality of peeling paint that can not but be praised are the reasons for RFH to open up the market, and it is also the willingness of customers to choose RFH.

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