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Sihoo V1 Ergonomic Comfortable and Stylish Adjustable Recliner Executive Office Chair

Posted By: SIHOO

Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2023

Price: $100.00

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The design of sihoo v1 boss recliner chair has thoroughly studied the relationship between people and sitting, combined with healthy sitting posture and ergonomics, extending the sihoo v1 chair. The overall design of V1 executive office chair adjustable arms is as soft and intriguing as the curve of the human body. Every part can well protect users, and bring long-term comfort and perfect support to each user.

Component Material of Sihoo V1 Ergonomic Comfortable and Stylish Adjustable Recliner Executive Office Chair

The fabric of ergonomic office chair for neck pain is made of a special mesh with a full dragon pattern. Sihoo v1 chair has bright colors and does not fade, strong tensile

resistance, abrasion resistance, non-toxic, rot resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance, high-temperature resistance and UV resistance, and strong air permeability. Long service life and other characteristics;


The headrest of ergonomic executive office chair with lumbar support uses 0.5CM thick virgin cotton, density 30, hardness70, white;

The waist pillow of sihoo ergonomic chair uses 0.2cm thick styling cotton, density 65, hardness 50, white;

The seat cushion of executive office chair with lumbar support uses 3-4CM thick shaped cotton, density 65, hardness 50, dark gray;


5 levels of sihoo v1 chair can be adjusted up and down, rotating headrest, nylon shell, high-grade oil wax PU leather;


Ergonomic executive office chair with lumbar support is made of nylon material. 5 gears can be adjusted up and down, passed the American BIFMAFN test (reverse pull back test);


Executive office chair with adjustable lumbar support is made of electroplated steel, 4D PU handrail surface, 8-position handrail can be raised and lowered, and the handrail surface can be pushed forwards and backwards and left and right;


Executive reclining computer desk chair with footrest has cold-rolled mechanical tension spring, mechanical steel multi-function mechanism, adjustable lifting, adjustable back tension, 4 gears can lock back adjustment;

Seat Cushion

The cushion of sihoo v1 chair is made of nylon material, adjustable front and rear of the seat cushion;

Gas Spring

Executive office chair with adjustable lumbar support is made of all steel, passed SGS test, American BIFMA test, advanced three-level gas spring, 85MM lifting stroke sinking 40MM;

Chair Leg

Sihoo v1 chair passed 1136 kg static pressure test, enough to bear the weight of a car, 350 high-strength aluminum alloy foot;


Sihoo v1 chair has silent non-slip large-side PU chair wheels, smooth and dull the edge of the chair legs, never knock the heel, handy, silent, scratch-resistant floor;

Parameters of Sihoo V1 Ergonomic Comfortable and Stylish Adjustable Recliner Executive Office Chair
Features of Sihoo V1 Ergonomic Comfortable and Stylish Adjustable Recliner Executive Office Chair

Now the price of office chairs for sale is affordable, if you have needs, please contact us.

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Hello Community Members

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i think as long as you pay up the finance company won’t grumble.

you will need sing pass at a later time for convenient vehicle transfer though. else it will mean a flight back to sg?

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