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H2 Math Tutor

Posted By: LewisNg

Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2023

Remuneration: Best Offer

Mobile: +65 98364183

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Are you like minded individuals who aspire to make a difference in nurturing, coaching and inspiring students? You are the ones we are looking for. The job is tough as a teacher but the rewards are limitless. You know what we are referring to. Join our growing team of teachers with positive hypes now.

You are an passionate educator who loves nurturing kids – not just the brightest but also the shy underdog. You will go out of your way to bring the best to your students and bring out the best in them.

Our ideal candidate should have

• Proven record of academic and extramural excellence.
• Clear, compelling interpersonal and communication skills.
• Thrives in a high-buzz, low bureaucracy work culture.
• Nurturing, possesses a natural affinity with children of all ages.
• A strong desire to inspire and groom the leaders of tomorrow.

Job responsibilities:
To teach an average of 12 classes per week, including covering classes where the teachers are absent due to annual, medical or other leave.
Planning, preparing and delivering lessons for students between pre-Primary to Junior College level, using various teaching methods to ensure a high quality of learning.
Lesson preparation and marking, including the preparation of appropriate teaching aids and resources.
Classroom administration.
Completing student progress reports for students each semester.
Establishing and maintaining good relationships with students and parents.
Assessing and reporting on the development, behavior, performance and progress of students.
Providing regular updates to parents on students’ performance and progress.
Attending and participating in teacher and curriculum meetings on a weekly basis.
Create and maintain a safe and conducive learning environment for students, safeguarding their safety and health at all times.
Any other ad-hoc duties as assigned.

If this sounds like you. Please send your CV and relevant documents to [email protected]

About Us:
We are the top physics, chemistry and mathematics tuition centre in Woodlands, Admiralty and Choa Chu Kang.

Our Vision:
To Nutre, Inspire and Unlock Potentials.

Visit us @

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Renounced SG citizenship


I would like to check with anyone that had renounced SG citizenship recently (post covid) as most of the information that i found online might be outdated. by at least a decade

❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:

If you are renouncing your SG citizenship, go to CAB ICA for doc papers. It will be send out to you via snail mail .

Once you recieved the papers, you have to get your newly acquired foreign citizenship/PP notarised by Public Notary or SG officials at their foreign Mission. Justice of Peace .....

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Re: Just curious why Rolex Daytona value so much?

It has been so many years and prices are still high for the Daytona in the grey market.

This is due to the Rolex boutiques never has ready stock or are reserved for their vvip. Mere mortals have no chance to buy at retail prices.

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A Quiet Singapore

Any place that’s packed with people is likely to offer something unusual—from lower prices to better quality to freebies, you just know there’s something good on offer when you see throngs of people willingly packing themselves into a tight space like so many sardines. But there would always come a time when there are just too many people around and you feel the need to get away from it all. If staying at home isn’t for you, try exploring some of these quiet and beautiful places in Singapore.

Religious places of interest
Outside of prayer times, a religious place of interest could prove to be a beautiful yet tranquil place for anyone to spend time in. Perhaps you’d find yourself enraptured by a mosque’s golden dome, or irresistibly drawn to the imposing statues of a temple, but rest assured that there’d always be new details to feast your eyes upon. If you need a quiet moment alone to contemplate life, .....

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Re: XL Bullies legal in Singapore?

❰❰ Quote:
I believe, in the eyes of the law, insufficient information with the intention to hide or deceive or circumvent the law will be construed as a lie (half-truths are generally lies). Therefore should you be ratted out by one of your neighbours if the dog barks too loudly of makes a partial lunge at a pedestrian or somebody elses pet, then your dog will probably be put down and you deported for knowingly breaking the law. This isn't the US or other western countries.


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Re: PR Chance 2024

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Hello Friends,

Please share your opinion on my chances of getting a PR. Here is my profile. Looking for Frank opinion if there are real chances and I should keep on trying or better to look at alternatives

1. 41 yr, Indian
2. 180k base salary. Working as Data Management Lead in MNC bank for 2 yrs. Prior to that in same bank for 14 yrs in IT. 16 years in Singapore
3. Graduate in Comp Sc
4. Son going to International school P3
5. Volunteering a donating small amounts regularly for 2-3 yrs
6. Spouse is 36 yrs. Working as HR recruiter. In Singapore Post marriage for 12 yrs. Masters in HR. Salary 70K base.
7. Applied 4 times. Each time rejected after 7-9 months when I shared some updates with ICA.

When was your last rejection and what was your role and salary at that time?

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