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Posted By: martechcube

Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2023

Price: $9,000.00

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Top SEO Keyword Research Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

Still ignoring long-tail keywords and user intent? Discover the top 7 most dangerous SEO keyword research mistakes you should avoid in 2023. SEO Keyword research mistakes 2023 can creep into our work like fleas on a poodle. Then we are left scratching our heads, wondering where we went wrong.

You are not a hack. I have no doubt you care deeply about your SEO projects – or you would not be here reading up on the professional practice, anyhow! So, kudos to you. Just by being here, you are already on your way to becoming better at keyword research. The marketing sphere has the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to SEO strategies. In this guide, I will share the main pitfalls of keyword research.

Failing to Inform the Team What You’re Doing and Why - Many stakeholders have editing rights to web pages, perhaps more than you may realize. If you have not informed colleagues about the keywords you want to optimize for and why; you may well find all your hard work researching keywords go to waste. You see, SEOs make SEO decisions. Editors make editorial decisions. It’s worth ensuring everyone is on the same page about which phrases need to remain unchanged and why. So remember to leave a note, send an email, or share a spreadsheet at the end of each research round.

Losing Sight of the Domain’s Topic Niche - It’s all very well identifying keywords that are trending in search engines across the digisphere. Yet there is no point in selecting keywords that do not complement the rest of the content in the existing or future editorial pipeline. Take, for instance, optimizing a page on a domain that sells commercial cleaning equipment. There’s no need to angle for keywords around caring for your houseplants, home-schooling children, or the lineup for national sporting events.

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Re: PEP processing time (personal employment pass)

Congrats !!!! I provided the documents they asked ( 3 month payslips) on March 20 but still pending now....... maybe 6 month payslips is better? Feeling tired..
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❰❰ Quote:
Anyone know how long time MOM need after they got the more documents they asked? thanks a lot

I finally got my PEP approved yesterday. Yes, I was also asked to provide official proof of a bank account ownership on Thursday 16Mar2023 (the original bank documents I provided were missing account holder name). I provided the official documents immediately right after receiving the MOM email. My PEP then got approved the next day 17Mar2023.

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I do feel like in cases like this, where the whole family is made up of citizens, including children, it would be hard not to grant. To do so would be to contradict singapore's family centric values, which I don't see happening.

There are numerous cases of Singaporean men marrying foreigner wives and the spouse still can’t get PR for years despite bearing SG kids.

There are many factors at play, not just blood relations.

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Re: Malaysian citizenship application

Thanks for your response. Just worry the chance after being married will be lower.

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Re: Stupid news articles

To be fair, young people with a deep interest in history are few wherever you go, but Singapore does have its fair share of history enthusiasts who are 30s and under. I know of ones active in natural history, geography, archeology, arts and culture, politics, architecture, genealogy, you name it. I think there is still interest there, I just wish youngsters had more time and encouragement to explore it.

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Re: Timeline of my husband's initial PMLA and LTVP and renewals, then finally PR!

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let's say it is approved in March and given a 1-year LTVP, will the expiry date of the new LTVP be May 2024 or March 2024?
Expiry date is based on when you go down to ICA for the appointment to get the new LTVP card.

Let’s say approve in March, earliest ICA slot is on April and you go down, the new LTVP expires in April 2024.

You can always make the appointment 1 week before the current LTVP expiration date if you’re worried.

Thanks MOCHS.
Just an update:
Submitted the LTVP renewal application on 11 March, and received the IPA on 17 March. This is faster than expected.

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