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BeVision D2

Posted By: bettersize

Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2023

Price: $1.00

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Dynamic Image Analysis Particle Size for Dry Measurement

The BeVision D2 provides an efficient solution to the size and shape analysis of dry, high-flowability powders or granules. Tens of thousands of particles can be measured by a BeVision D2 within three minutes. Combining a high-speed camera with a precise telecentric lens, the BeVision D2 is able to efficiently analyze the size and shape of particles in the range of 30 - 10,000 µm. The BeVision software helps you evaluate particle size and shape from 24 different aspects and further organizes the data into an all-around validation of particles.
Measurement range: 30 – 10,000 µm
24 different particle size and shape parameters
Reduction of workload and time
Outstanding reproducibility
Results in compliance with ISO 9276-6
Fully automated operation
Powerful software provides a comprehensive evaluation
Comparable with sieving results

•Why Image Analysis Method?

Capture an image of particles, identify particles, then measure their size and shape. Every step of image analysis is easy and clear.

Shape analysis
Based on a direct view of particles, it is possible to analyze not only the size of particles, but also their shape.

Seeing is believing
The image analysis method determines the size and shape of every individual particle and then sums it up to form a statistic. Details of particle size or shape distribution can be accurately provided.

•Why Dynamic Image Analysis Method?

A continuous particle flow passing through the measurement zone helps achieve a higher efficiency of the measurement.

Oversized particle sensitivity
The dynamic image analysis method is sensitive to oversized particles; it is even possible to estimate the size of oversized particles.

Reliable results
The maximized number of measured particles ensures the statistical significance of measurement results.

•BeVision D2 Hardware: Guaranteed Accuracy and Efficiency for You
To measure the size and shape of particles over a great variety of applications, the BeVision D2 has equipped with a comprehensive range of hardware. Corresponding to the sample material properties, selecting the best hardware can help measure the size and shape of particles with optimum accuracy and efficiency.

•Particle Size and Shape Parameters:

Size parameters
Equivalent diameters: area-equivalent diameter、perimeter-equivalent diameter; Feret diameters: maximum and minimum Feret diameters, XLF ("length")
Martin diameters: maximum and minimum Martin diameters; Legendre ellipse: major and minor axes

Shape parameters
Size difference in 2 directions: aspect ratio、L/W ratio、ellipse ratio; Round-likeness and rectangle-likeness: Circularity、irregularity、compactness、extent、box ratio
Contour concavity: Concavity、convexity、solidity; For elongated particles: Elongation、straightness


Dry dispersion provided by BeVision D2 particle size analyser makes it suitable for a diverse range of applications.

1. Accuracy Calibration
Use the scale to verify accuracy and convert the pixel to actual size during the test and analysis. Ensure the results are accurate and reliable.

2. Recognize Connected Paticles
The main purpose of the function is to filter agglomerate or adhesive particles, in order to avoid that test result is affected. Connected particles refer to agglomerate particles forming by two or more than two adhesive particles. The feature of connected particles is that there is sunken area in particle image. Through judging the size, depth and angle of the sunken area, connected particles can be recognized.

3. Automatic Circulation and Dispersion System
The dry system adopts electromagnetic vibration feeding, gravity-driven dispersion, which ensures sampling is uniform and continuous.

4. Application of BeVision D2 particle image analyzer
Dry method: Applies to analyze granular samples between 30 um to 10 mm, such as salt, sugar, plastic products, catalyst, abrasive, carbon products, sand, coal, coffee, refractory, food, polystyrene, glass, ceramics, fertilizer, medicine, ore, etc.

5. Imaging Theory of Free Falling Particles
Adopts high-speed CCD camera-120 images per second, microsecond exposure time, avoid trailing phenomenon in moving particle. More than 10 thousand particles could be analyzed per minute by the special image processing software of these dynamic image particle measuring services. During the process of free falling of particles, shoot particle images which pass the lens randomly. Meanwhile, software quickly recognizes and processes particles, and screen displays images, particle size and particle shape data for each particle in real time. As it adopts high-speed CCD that can reach 100frame/min, thousands of particles can be shot and processed per minute, and image process software can recognize and extract adhesive particles automatically. These technologies improve analysis speed, precision and accuracy of particle image greatly. As one of the professional laser particle sizing instrument suppliers in China, Bettersize has been striving to provide our customers with high quality particle size analyzer.

If you want to know more details of image analyzer grain size, please visit our website.

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