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Hydraulic Steering Control Units

Posted By: jcforging

Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2023

Price: $1.00

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The hydraulic steering gear is a hydraulic power steering type between the steering wheel and the steering mechanism, which does not need to be connected by a connecting rod. It has the advantages of light and flexible operation, simple structure, low price, convenient installation and arrangement of the whole machine.

We are a hydraulic steering control unit manufacturer in China, our HSCU product main included BZZ1 series, BZZ5 series, TLF amplifier assembly coaxial flow diverter, TLF Type Coaxial Flow Amplifying Steering Units, B-type diverter, 101 series, 101s series, we provide OEM service. The full hydraulic steering gear produced by our hydraulic steering system factory is usually used for the hydraulic steering control units of non-road wheeled moving vehicles with a speed of≤ 60 km/h. Full hydraulic steering system has many advantages such as light operation, flexible steering and convenient installation and installation. The hydraulic steering gear system consists of a hydraulic steering gear, hydraulic pump and hydraulic cylinder to realize the power steering of the vehicle. Our products of hydraulic steering control units are widely used in wheeled excavators, loaders, road rollers, forklifts, large and medium horsepower tractors and combine harvesters.

Understanding Hydraulic Steering System
Hydraulic steering system is an economical power steering system, which is generally composed of hydraulic pump, oil pipe, pressure and flow control valve body, V-shaped drive belt, storage tank and other components of hydraulic steering control unit. Hydraulic steering system works whether the car is steering or not. And when the speed of big steering is low, the hydraulic pump needs to output more power to get more power. Therefore, it also wastes resources to some extent.

In addition, the mechanical hydraulic power steering system is composed of hydraulic pump and pipeline and cylinder. In order to maintain the pressure, no matter whether the steering power is needed or not, the hydraulic power steering system is always in a working state with high energy consumption.

Hydraulic steering gear according to the structure can be divided into rack and pinion steering gear, worm crank pin steering gear and circular ball steering gear. The choice of steering structure form, mainly according to the type of the car, the front axle load, the use of conditions, hydraulic steering gear and rack steering gear is generally used for light vehicles, and the circular ball hydraulic steering gear is generally used for heavy vehicles

How Does Hydraulics Work in Hydraulic Steering Control Unit System?
In the middle position (when the hydraulic steering control unit wheel is not rotating).

The oil from the oil pump returns to the oil tank through the internal hydraulic steering gear.

Power steering

Oil from the oil pump through the servo valve into the cycloid needle wheel meshing pay (metering motor), promote the rotor to follow the hydraulic steering control unit wheel rotation, depending on the size of the hydraulic steering control unit wheel angle, directional, quantitative hydraulic oil pressure into the left or right chamber of the cylinder, drive the hydraulic steering control unit wheel to achieve power steering. The oil on the other side of the cylinder returns to the oil tank through the follow-up valve.

Human steering

When the engine is flame out, by human operation of the hydraulic steering control unit wheel, through the steering valve, dial pin, linkage shaft drive metering motor rotor rotation, the metering motor will be hydraulic oil pressure into the cylinder, promote the guide hydraulic steering control unit wheel to achieve human steering.

The volume difference between the two chambers of the hydraulic steering control unit cylinder can be replenished by the oil tank through the oil return port. Because the hydraulic steering gear is used for heavy vehicles with low speed, in order to prevent the hydraulic steering control unit wheel beaters, the structure is designed into a happy and non-reactive structure, and the external force on the hydraulic steering control unit wheel can not be transmitted to the hydraulic steering control unit wheel, and the driver has no sense of the road.

Requirements on Hydraulic Steering Gear System
1. When decompose the hydraulic steering gear system device, it is not allowed to use hard metal objects such as hammers for hard knocking, but should use copper bars or rubber hammers for gently knocking.

2. Sealing surface or precision matching hydraulic steering gear surface shall not be pried open with hard metal such as screwdriver (commonly known as driver) to avoid scratching the surface.

3. Be extra careful when disassembling and assembling to avoid losing or damaging small objects.

4. All parts of hydraulic steering control units should be thoroughly cleaned before assembly, assembly seals should be coated with lubricating oil, precision matching hydraulic steering gear parts can be pushed directly by hand, not hard knocking.

6.When assembling hydraulic steering gear, do not wear gloves that are easy to drop slag such as cotton thread and do not use cloth such as cotton yarn to wipe the sealing or precision matching hydraulic steering gear surface.

JC forging is a professional forged components manufacturer, we provide hyd cylinders for sale, small hydraulic wheel motor, custom forged parts and etc. Want to know more, contact us.

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