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Subwoofer Series

Posted By: gonsin2022

Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2023

Price: $1.00

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Features of China Subwoofer Series GX-SP1018SSB-C / GX-SP1018DSB-C
Polygonal guide hole design to make the bass more powerful

Flat iron mesh without side design of appearance

Cabinet structural handle to minimize sound loss
Technical Specifications of Subwoofer Series GX-SP1018SSB-C / GX-SP1018DSB-C
Product model GX-SP1018SSB-C GX-SP1018DSB-C
Type Inverted subwoofer
Drivers 1×18” 2×18”
Frequency response 40HZ~300HZ 33HZ~200HZ
Sensitivity(1W/1m) 99dB 102dB
Power 800W/3200W 1600W/6400W
MAX SPL 128dB/134dB 134dB/140dB
Impedance 8Ω 4Ω
Connector 2×NL4MP speakon
Product Size(W*D*H) 560*575*690mm 1065*780*560mm
Package Size(W*D*H) 635*620*765mm 1125*835*615mm
Net Weight 42.25kg 76.65kg
Gross Weight 45kg 80.2KG
Color Black (white can be customized)
Hanger Foot nail installation

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