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Industrial Flat Rubber Belts for Machinery

Posted By: dehaiyouli

Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2022

Price: $1.00

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Our company uses high-quality raw materials, coupled with advanced production technology, with more than 20 years of belt production experience, our products with high efficiency, low elongation, flexible and high fatigue resistance, good antistatic property, the friction coefficient of stability. As a professional rubber belt factory and rubber belt company in China, Dehai Youli provides different types of high-performance transmission flat belts, all abrasion resistant, with great flexibility and long service life.

Different Types Of Flat Drive Rubber Belts For Sale
Dehai Youli, a reliable rubber conveyor belting supplier, has various types of industrial drive belts for sale, all with affordable prices. Our nylon flat transmission belt boasts of its unique material structure and great properties. The endless tangential machine belt is a kind of high-speed and wear-resistant belt. We also provide a special folder glue belt for cartons and cardboard, a very cost-saving product.
High Performance TC Belt
1. A better drive structure for flat transmission belt solution.
2. Double-side XNBR abrasion-resistant.
3. TC belt optimizing the yarn manufacturing machines production performances.

Nylon Flat Belt
1. Nylon belt manufacturers of mature manufacturing technology and formula.
2. Imported nylon base and internationally advanced equipment.
3. Bring great properties of nylon sandwich flat belt.

Roller Covering
1. Complete variety for texture roller coverings and rubber-coated roller tape.
2. Available for different materials and patterns on the surface.
3. Texture and coated roller covering.

Folder Gluer Belt
1. Long service life and cost savings.
2. Suitable for all qualities of paper, cardboard and carton.
3. Folder gluer belt, rubber belt for sale

High Efficiency Tangential Belt
1. Polyamide-based high-speed drive belt.
2. Use high strength nylon core and high wear-resistant synthetic rubber
3. Mature joint technology for precision machine tools and high-speed transmission machinery.

Spindle Tape
1. 2-3 month service life longer than ordinary brands.
2. Spindle belt does not stretch and falls off during the movement.
3. Flat and smooth joint of our spindle tapes is more suitable for the spindle.

Flat Drive Belt Material by Dehai Youli
Leather was one of the original materials used to make different types of flat belts. Today, nylon and other tough synthetic materials are commonly used because they last longer. Rubber, metal and other materials may be involved in the construction of industrial flat belt, some of which will be reinforced with a particularly strong material to address structural integrity issues.

Main testing materials: chemical raw materials, nylon sheet base, industrial belt cloth and rough leather cloth, nylon sheet base belt.

Main testing items: rheological properties, peeling force, mechanical properties, flatness, thickness, moisture content, the appearance of the cloth.

Test data collection: collated and compiled daily test data feedback, weekly test status statistics and monthly test trend status, so as to receive qualified raw materials for production and provide powerful data support for procurement, and facilitate the search of stable and qualified suppliers.

In addition flat machine belt is a belt with a flat surface and uniform texture on both sides, used in pulley systems. Historically, endless flat drive belts were often used to transfer power from a flywheel to other parts of a machine, while today, they are often seen as part of a conveyor belt or belt array, with a flat surface that makes it easy to move the top of the transmission belt.

In the construction of a conveyer belt for machinery, a flat belt can be used as a wide belt on an assembly line, or as a part of a series of belts. As the industrial timing belts is turned by the pulley, anything placed on the belt is pulled and moved to a new position, greatly improving production efficiency.

Advantages of Flat Belts
With characteristics of structure-simple, less cost, flexibility and durability, flat belt by Dehai Youli, a reliable flat transmission belts supplier, operates most efficiently in situations where drive speed is above 3000 fpm and where long-distance, continuous, smooth-running applications are required. Compared with V-belts, a significant advantage of flat rubber belts is that efficiency nearly reaches 99% and is about 2.5-3% better than V-belts. The reason why a flat lathe belt has features of good efficiency is that lower bending losses from a thin cross-section, lower creep from friction covers and higher modulus of elasticity traction layers, and no wedging action into pulleys. In the meantime, flat machine belts can be applied in many industries such as textile, wooding, packaging, printing, Tabacco, construction, electronics, etc with longer service life and requiring less repair and maintenance. Competitive rubber flat belt prices directly from flat belt manufacturers.

Flat Belts Applications
With the full sizes of the flat transmission belts, Dehai Youli, one of professional flat belt manufacturers , focuses on developing more efficiency and energy savings and customized product and industries for our customers. Dehai Belt, especially TC belt, PA belt type, nylon flat bel, tangential motor belt, spindle belt, also roller covering are widely used in the process of textile industry like ring spinning, rotor spinning, two-for-one twister, looms, etc.

TC belt, with its low elongation, flexible fatigue resistance, and good antistatic property, and friction coefficient of stability is popular in rotating speed machines.

High efficient tangential machinery belt is well-applied in rotor spinning, stretch yarn machine, wrap yarn and carding machine, etc.

6mm industrial folder gluer belt, 1.5mm-2.0mm nylon flat belt and groove& corrugated poly belt is normally used in print& package industry.

For the woodworking, normally 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm sizes are typical types with stable performance.
Flat Drive Belts for Sale
Difference Between Flat Belt Drive and V-belt drive
There are many differences between a flat drive belt & a V-belt. The main difference is that the accessories required for transmission and the belt are different, technically speaking, the transmission principle and structural characteristics are different. The flat belt transmission is generally driven with the drum; V-belt drive needs to be matched with wheels, which have no teeth;

Flat Rubber Belts Sizes
For different types of belts and different applications, we can offer various different dimensions for flat rubber belts, thickness from 0.55mm to 6mm is available, width & length is provided according to customer’s specific demand. And our belt roll material (semi-product ) is about 200M/Roll. For example, for the TC belt, the normal thickness we offer: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 2.7mm, 3.0mm; For nylon belt, the normal thickness we offer: 1.0-5.0mm

As a silicone rubber products manufacturer, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.

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