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Semi Low Loader

Posted By: ruitrailer

Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2022

Price: $1.00

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Semi Low Loader are mainly transport with all kind of earth moving machine, such as crane, bull dozer, motor grader, fork lift and other heavy equipment. The lower the center of gravity, the better the stability and safety, the stronger the ability to transport over height cargo.

Low bed semi trailer is also widely used for the transportation of a variety of mechanical equipment, mega objects, highway construction equipment, super tanks, power station equipment and all kinds of steel structures.

Semi Low Loader usually adopts drop deck platform, that is, the front section is gooseneck (the king pin of removable gooseneck is connected with the fifth wheel of the truck, and the rear end of gooseneck is connected with the Semi Low Loader platform), the rear section is cargo platform (the lowest part of the platform).

When loading the earthing moving machine on the Semi Low Loader, the earthing moving machine is usually loaded from the rear end of the Semi Low Loader from the ramp, and then the earthing moving machine is fixed on the Semi Low Loader.

Now the price of low bed semi trailer for sale is affordable, if you have needs, please contact us.

If you want to know more types of heavy haulage trailers, please visit our website.

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