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Posted By: SAIDELI

Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2022

Price: $1.00

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Jiangsu Saideli, an industrial centrifuge machine manufacturer, continuously develops high-tech and top-quality products which include industrial centrifuge separators, industrial centrifugal dryer, and industrial filter. As a national high-tech enterprise, Saideli integrates scientific research, sales, and manufacture of solid liquid separation machine as well as some dryers and filters. With its powerful ability, well-known reputation, strict quality management, and top service system, Saideli is famous for centrifuge separation equipment, becoming a leading brand in China and the centrifuge separator machine has been exported all over the world.

Saideli integrates scientific research, sales, and manufacture of centrifuges as well as some dryers and filters. The main products are the industrial centrifuge, industrial centrifugal Dryer, and industrial filter.

Industrial Centrifuge Manufacturer
GKH Series automatic siphon centrifuge is a piece of solid-liquid separation equipment that adopts continuous operation and intermittent discharging. The industrial centrifuge is controlled by PLC and regulates the speed by frequency convertor, braking system applies dynamic braking and regenerative braking, the whole separation process is an automatic circular process and the manual operation mode is applicable to be changed over from automatic operation mode. GKH Series automatic siphon centrifuge is more suitable for separating such products as small solid-phase granularity and which is hard to be separated. The industrial centrifuge separator is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and foodstuff industries.

Industrial Centrifugal Dryer
This machine integrates separating, drying and sterilization with perfect seal system, absolute security, which is particularly suitable for high potency compounds, pharmaceutical output stages, highly toxic products, application methods, agents that have to be manufactured in sterile environment and products sensitive to oxygen.

Industrial Filter
Nutsche multiple function filtering washing and drying facility (three in one) can finish a series of processes such as stirring, reaction, filtering, washing, dehydration and drying(repulsing can also be processed) etc. With its simple structure and simplified working process, it has a higher efficiency, easier exchanging of product and good performance of automation without any cross-contamination. Meanwhile, cleaning plant building and basic investing fee can be reduced. It can be widely applied in the industries such as pharmacy chemical industry, food, printing dyeing industry. So it is especially suitable for the occasion where demands a high cleanliness or short runs but multiple types of product and large quantities of product. It is in accordance with both GMP Norm and FDA Norm.

 
If you have production capacity for suspension separation and centrifugal separation equipment which can be sold on the market, the industrial centrifuge separator will be your suitable choice. The centrifuge separator includes all kinds of centrifuges, which are widely used in all areas. As long as you need suspension separation, you can find a suitable centrifugal separation machine here.
If your centrifugal separators are with high additional value and request high clean production environment, centrifugal dryer will be suitable with compact and whole seal structure which integrates separation and drying in one machine.
If your centrifuge separator machine are sticky and not able to be separated by normal method, an industrial filter with pressure filtration and low rotate speed will be helpful.

- 01-
Pharmaceutical Products
During the production of API products, there will be a separation between solid products and solvents, solid liquid separation equipment will be suitable for the separation as well as dehydration and products can be washed inside during the production process. The design of solid liquid separation centrifuge can meet GMP and FDA requests, such as application of centrifugation in pharmacy. Also, the mother liquid after separation and washing liquid can be collected separately.

- 02-
Chemical & Farm Chemical
For production and chemical and farm chemical products, a centrifuge is used for the separation of solid and liquid of the suspension from the reactor after the reaction. With good seal performance, the harmful chemical products will not contact the operator and also the toxic gas will not enter into the air. Meanwhile, with an ex-proof design, the chemical centrifuge will be suitable for production in hazardous areas.

- 03-
New Energy
During recycling of waste battery, there will request extraction of nickel, cobalt, manganese, lithium and copper etc from the waste battery so as to recycle and reuse. A centrifuge is widely used recently in this industry.

- 04-
For the food industry, a centrifuge is mainly used for the production of starch and sugar, especially tapioca starch and wheat starch, glucose and sweetener.

Industrial Centrifuge For Pharmaceutical Products
Industrial Centrifuge For Chemical & Farm Chemical
Industrial Centrifuge For New Energy
Industrial Centrifuge For Food


Right centrifuge separator model will improve separation efficiency and increase production capacity as well as reduce labor cost and energy consumption.

Right model choice, speed choice, filter bag size and program set will improve the separation efficiency of the centrifuge separation equipment.

Meanwhile, the right clean gap time of the filter bag can reduce residual filter cake and improve the filtration efficiency of the bag so as to shorten separation time. Also the more stable the flow rate into the centrifugal separation machine, the higher the separation efficiency.

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