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Posted By: tianyu

Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2022

Price: $1.00

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TY502 is the equipment independently developed by Tianyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. It can detect whether the interference between components is fully in line with the design to prevent the products with unqualified fit clearance from entering into the next process. CNC hydraulic press machine / CNC hydraulic press can also detect the actual state of the interference fit while completing the press-in assembly. During the press-in process, it can display the current pressing position and force in real time, and timely and accurately judge whether the interference volume is appropriate. Meanwhile, the four column press / four column hydraulic press / four column hydraulic press china / china four column hydraulic press / four column hydraulic press machine shows the entire pressing curve of force and displacement to achieve the goal of controlling the quality. What’s more, with the strengthened design, the rigidity of the whole structure of the equipment far exceeds the standard of ordinary presses.

What Are the Characteristics of CNC Hydraulic Press?
Numerical control hydraulic presses are used in many factories, and they play a very important role, but many people have little knowledge of it. The following is a brief introduction to its character...

Operating Principle Of CNC Hydraulic Press
CNC hydraulic press, also known as CNC oil press, CNC pressing and CNC press, is mainly composed of a bow-shaped frame, moving plate, lower workbench, guide pillar, main oil cylinder, hydraulic system, electrical system, pressure sensor and pipeline. With strong versatility, it adds the pressure sensor to the hydraulic machine tool. After data acquisition and system processing by a microcomputer, it is converted into a pressing force value and displays the digital. When it exceeds the limit, the audible and visual alarm and shutdown signal will be sent out to achieve the purpose of automatic control of pressing force.

Product Mix and Features Of CNC Hydraulic Press
CNC hydraulic press machine is mainly composed of a bow-shaped frame, moving plate, lower worktable, guide pillar, main oil cylinder, hydraulic system, electrical system, pressure sensor and pipeline. The body adopts a bow-shaped structure, which is similar to the traditional mechanical punching machine, but with a simpler and more compact structure. It has the advantages of small area and convenient operation; the main cylinder is a piston cylinder, which is placed on the top of the body. And when the cylinder works, it presses from top to bottom. The built-in quick cylinder can realize the rapid downward and slow pressing action, which can greatly improve the production efficiency; the electrical system adopts PLC touch screen proportional amplifier with the proportional hydraulic system, and sends the instructions according to the process requirements to complete the process cycle action of the machine; the hydraulic system of the four column hydraulic press machine is controlled by the hydraulic manifold block oil circuit integration to achieve the cycle action required by the process.

Applicable Industry Of CNC Hydraulic Press
The product can be applied to the automotive industry, electrical machinery industry, electronics industry, home appliance industry, machinery industry and other industries that are in need of precise control of pressing displacement and pressing force.

Product Use Of CNC Hydraulic Press
TY502 is suitable for the assembly of various parts requiring interference detection and assembly with pressing force of 150-600kn, such as the assembly of automobile shock absorber, precision bearing, shaft sleeve, automobile parts, water pump, turbocharger and gearbox; pressing of motor components (spindle, shell, bearing, etc.) in the motor industry; pressing of the circuit board components (plug-in) and the pressing of electronic parts in the electronics industry; home appliance industry, pressing of home appliance parts and the riveting of home appliance parts; pressing of mechanical parts, automatic assembly line, life test of wearing parts, and other components that are in need of precise control of pressing displacement and pressing force.

Main Functions Of CNC Hydraulic Press
User management: different account passwords can be assigned to different departments with setting different operation permissions. There are 11 administrator accounts in the system. The system administrator can add or delete operating users and assign operating permissions to limit the use scope of the operating users according to the actual situation.

Interference detection: the upper and lower limits of the interference force in different intervals (the interval is determined by the point setting) can be set. If the actual pressure is not in the set upper and lower limits, the CNC hydraulic press fit machine will alarm and prompt the reason for the failure.

Position detection: compare with each final pressing position. If the final position is not within the set upper and lower limits, the equipment will alarm and prompt the reason for the failure.

Peak detection: record the peak pressure of each pressing process. It will alarm and prompt with a text when exceeding the set range.

Data query: You can query the history data of pressing (interference detection data, peak pressure data, in-place detection data, force/displacement curve data).

Data download: history data can be backed up to a U disk or network server, and an EXCEL form can be generated for viewing.

Data connection: When connected to the network, the IP address will be displayed on the interface, and the operating data of the equipment can be backed up on the connected server, and the remote printing function can be performed for data analysis.

Curve sampling: it can sample up to 200 sets of force/displacement data during the pressing process, draw into a curve and store it.

Formula storage: it can store 999,999 sets of pressing parameters and create the corresponding formula according to the product drawing number or mold number. When the users want to use this formula for a second time, just call out the corresponding formula to produce without repeated settings.

Product QR code scanning: the bar code scanner can scan the external information, which can help users quickly store and call out the formula parameters, and make the product quality traceable.

Real-time display: the current pressing position is displayed in real time with the display accuracy of 0.01mm, and the current pressure is displayed in real time with the unit of 0.01KN.

Data statistics: figure out the number of pressing, qualified products and defective products and the working time in each working section of each account.

Identification of tooling QR code: identify the height of the tooling and judge whether the tooling is used correctly (compare the QR code on the process card with that on the tooling).

Grating protection function: during the pressing process of the equipment, when a foreign matter is detected by the infrared protection grating in the pressing, the four column hydraulic press will automatically stop running immediately and sound an alarm.

Backup error prevention function: 4 sets of product error prevention functions (for detecting whether the workpiece is placed upright, whether the workpiece is placed, or whether the pressing requirements are met ).

Spare cylinder, ejector cylinder, air blowing and other functions: it can directly open and call out the subsequent tooling with the cylinder clamping action or the ejector.

Alarm function: There are will corresponding text prompts for all alarms sent by the equipment.

Product size chart (See attachment: CAD).

Technical parameters (See attachment: CAD).

Product Advantages Of CNC Hydraulic Press
Meet the data requirements of Industry 4.0;

High-precision displacement monitoring has irreplaceable advantages for interference detection;

The system administrator has a high degree of freedom, and the collaboration is more efficient;

The human-computer interface is simple to interact, and the whole process is intelligently managed;

Adopt the built-in quick cylinder. The idle stroke speed is fast, and the efficiency is high;

The hydraulic system is equipped with a safety valve, which has the functions of safe pressure regulation and pressure limiting, which effectively protects the mold;

Fully automatic, and the data storage is convenient and traceable.

As a four column press factory, we have types of related products for sale, if you have needs, please contact us.

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