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Explore Which Board Is Best for Education Board in India | Lighthouse Learning

Posted By: dom12

Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2022

Price: Best Offer

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Which borad is best for education in India? Which education board to fix & how does it matter for overall learning? Visit Lighthouse Learning to know in detail.

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Re: Thoughts on 377a repeal

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Reviving this thread to discuss something Masagos said in parliament today. The government has chosen not to enshrine the definition of marriage in the constitution, instead leaving that up to future generations. In my opinion, this suggests a quiet openness on the part of the PAP, it's clear that they are aware of the wishes of the younger generation, but have reached this decision as a middle ground between appeasing the more conservative and traditional older generations and the more open and inclusive younger generation.

Their approach has been perfectly clear, and they've explained it many times. If the views of society change over time, so too can laws such as this. They just don't want it sprung on society via the courts. At this point in time, MPs are representing their constituents and airing their concerns, and coming up with a compromise which I think was quite wise.
I don't personally find it .....

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Re: PR approval chances 2022

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Hi all,

Would it help to update ICA with my latest salary increment? It's a 15% increase which I thought is pretty decent given the current climate in the industry am in (correct me if am wrong). My PR application is approaching the 16th month mark, and am wondering if this updating ICA may make any difference.

My profile at the point of application, under the Family Ties Scheme:

Nationality and ethnicity: Malaysian Chinese
Age: Late 20s
Employment: Part time
Industry: Advertising
Education: Bachelor's degree
Marital status: Married for 10 months
Child: 2 months old
Visa type: LTVP+

SC spouse profile
Ethnicity: Indian
Age: Early 30s
Employment: Full time
Industry: Civil service
Education: Bachelor's degree

We've updated ICA when I went full time 3 months after submitting the application. They've also asked for full employment history + salary .....

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Re: Scammers in Singapore

Lately I’ve gotten less calls.

Maybe they have finally figured out that there is no point keeping me on their list. I never pick up numbers I don’t recognize and they always have to leave a voice mail, which I never respond to.

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Re: Hello

Maybe an intro?

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Scammers in Singapore

Now there's the new way of contacting, they no longer use prefix of +65, they use normal mobile numbers, what an upgrade! :???: :???:

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