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Wanted Laptop Service Engineers in Hyderabad

Posted By: laptop store

Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2022

Remuneration: Best Offer

Mobile: +7299956838

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Wanted Laptop Service Engineers in Hyderabad

Wanted a Laptop service technician for a reputed HP dealership company in Hyderabad

Candidates with minimum one year experience will be preferred. Very good salary will be offered. Contact 91-7299956838

Job Types: Full-time, Regular / Permanent

Salary: ₹15,000.00 - ₹30,000.00 per month

Schedule:Day shift
Supplemental pay types:Yearly bonus
Education:Bachelor's (Preferred)

Contact HR: 7299956838

Hyderabad Address:


Shop No 1& 2, KK krest,
No 1-26/2 Gachibowli-Kondapur Road,
Gachibowli-Miyapur Road,
Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Phone: 73311 33305


Basement, Pillar No :1432,Surekha Chambers,
Ameerpet Road, Opp to Vijaya Textiles/
Near SBI ATM Hyderabad,
Telangana 500016
Phone: 07331133301, 7331133301


No 210B, 2nd Floor,
Vijaya Sai Tower, Viveknagar,
Kukatpally Opp to BJP Office,
Opp to croma Showroom,
Phone: 917997272463

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Re: Driving into Malaysia

Why do they even need to scan the plates if every SG car has the ERP device?

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Re: HELP! Landlord Refuses to Return Deposit

❰❰ Quote:
Thanks PNHMK and Lisafuller for your replies.

What is my next course of action then, given my Singaporean landlord is based abroad?

Does this mean I have to take legal action and bypass the Small Claims Tribunal AFTER we mediate?

Then I do not see the point of mediation in this sense because the landlord can choose to not pay up right?

This act of unjustifiably withholding the deposit is almost criminal!
Is the LL aware you are not leaving Singapore any soon?

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Re: HELP! Landlord Refuses to Return Deposit

Mediation. Then SCT.

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Re: Just learnt about a ballooned15 year old CC debt!

❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:

It will eventually be sold off to a collection agency. They may try to contact you in the UK.

This would make it a real nightmare, once they find you it means the problems start all over again.

Actually it helps. The collection agency just want some money. The original debt is closed off. You can negotiate with the collection agency to pay something to stop them contacting you. Your original lender (bank or CC) will blacklist you forever though and often internationally if they are a global bank like Citi or HSBC. No such as thing as a limitation on a bank listing you permanently as a debt risk.

If so many years have passed and I’d never been contacted… I would not volunteer anything: my whereabouts, my contact info… much less any money to a collection agency (at .....

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Re: Driving into Malaysia

❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:

They run the risk until first caught. After then they cannot risk it as they will be inspected every time. I just don't do it. Not worth saving $50 for.

Seems logistically challenging. How do they know which cars have offended previously? I can understand scanning the plates but they check so quickly that I can't imagine there's time.

Auto OCR plate reading is very fast now. I have a friend who works with them. They can scam cars at high speed in a continuous stream and identify stolen cars or cars with bad numbers or blacklisted cars at over 60kph.

Wow! Seriously. I remember being impressed over a decade ago when I drove into JB for the first time and noticed the way they flashed everybody's carplate numbers on the wall.

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