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CT Scan | RB Diagnostic

Posted By: RbDiagnostic

Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2022

Price: $3,000.00

Mobile: +03333823382

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The type of CT scan your doctor orders will depend in large part on the area of the body they want to evaluate.

Brain CT Scan: A doctor might order a head CT for a patient who is experiencing unexplained headaches or dizziness. The procedure can also help diagnose brain tumours or strokes.
CT Scan Chest/Lungs: A CT scan of the chest can provide a doctor with detailed images of a person’s lungs. Doctors might order the scan if a patient complains of having trouble breathing or of having chest pain.
Cardiac CT: A cardiac CT scan also takes pictures of the chest area. However, the focus is on a person’s heart. A doctor might order a cardiac CT to detect problems with the aorta, heart valves and other arteries.
CT Bone Scan: While an x-ray can detect a fracture or other problem with the bones, health care professionals also sometimes use a CT scan of the bones.

These are the most common use of CT scans. Apart from these, a CT scan also helps diagnose neck, pelvic, kidney and spine problems. If your looking for an experienced diagnostic centre for CT scans you must visit RB Diagnostics, the best-in-class NABL accredited one-stop medical lab with a 24/7 MRI & CT scan facility available. To book your slot, call: 033-4085 4085 or visit:

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Re: Interpol red Notice for misappropriating $88k

He had loan sharks after him.

Posted in General Discussions

Re: Interpol red Notice for misappropriating $88k

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❰❰ Quote:
Note it says “for misappropriating S$88,000 belonging to his client, which had been entrusted to him”.

If “the client” was you or me, I seriously doubt they would get an Interpol red notice. So, who was this client… that is the real question!

Must’ve been someone pretty powerful and important, but if that’s the case I doubt $88,000 would have meant much. Probably would have been peanuts.

Powerful and important people are often the most spiteful… it was probably just the principle of the matter, and they wanted to make sure this guy was taught a lesson.

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Re: Intermittent fasting

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I get a full blood workup every 6 months without fail. (At 75 it is a good habit to keep) Cholesterol has been great all those years since 2008. For me, while I occasionally, as noted, east some starchy foods, its not the norm for me. I don't miss it, and by not going back to it, my health is good and I reckon if it works for me, and I don't have to 'watch' it, it is basically just easier. Fortunately I'm not a "foodie" as it were so almost never go to restaurants or order food, but just cooks at home. At 75 I'm not trying to impress any strumpets so no need to eat the foods bad for me just to look good and make the strumpet have to use her phone for photo of food. LOL

Good, if you’re getting the all clear at your physicals, do whatever works. One thing you should take special note of as you get older is prostate cancer. A close friend of .....

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Re: My citizenship journey

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Update - 25th September :
I completed a 2 hours long "community sharing session" aka CSS on the 20th. They are held in CCs all over the island - you are eligible to attend the events within your area. They divided us up into 6 groups of approximately 10 people, give or take a few (I didn't count). After registration, there was a buffet style dinner.

thanks for sharing that! I was hoping they'd have this part for my batch but no luck, thanks to omicron. True blue Singaporean question: what did they serve for the buffet? :D

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Re: Groceries Specializing in Western Foods

We do have local veggies! I buy Kok Fah farm produce a lot, and if you've never been to Bollywood veggies, it's a must for the banana bread alone (and maybe get some storytelling about being a local farmer from Ivy).

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