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EVA Interlocking Foam Mats for Under Paddling/Swimming Pool

Posted By: ifoaming

Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2022

Price: $0.50

Mobile: +86 185 6665 8968

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Foam mats for under swimming pool consists of 8 pieces of comfortable and durable foam puzzle mat, which can be arranged under an above-ground pool to protect the basement from wear and tear caused by pebbly turf, pointy twigs, and other ground debris.
These foam tiles under pool are simply placed on the spot u plan to set up your pool. And these foam mats for under pool have been specially designed to lock together for extra stability and simple expansion. If 8 sheets of foam tiles for pool aren't enough to fit the size of your pool, you can combine extra packs and expand the area that the pool flooring covers.
One of the benefits of interlocking foam tiles under pool is that they offer fantastic protection for your lawn.

Interlocking Foam Tiles For Under Pool Features
These foam matt for under pool are a kind of swimming pool floor protector.
The set of foam mats for under paddling pool contains 8 tiles without edges.
The square of interlocking foam mats under pool measures 50x50x0.4cm, and one set under pool foam mats covers 1x2m.
Combine multiple sets of interlocking foam tiles for under pool to cover larger areas and create your own size.
Blue, grey color interlocking foam tiles under pool for your choices.
All of our foam tiles for under pool are made in China.

Why Use Interlocking Foam Tiles Under Pool?
Protect the pool liner
Temporary on-ground pools have one thing in common. They have a thin vinyl liner that is easily punctured if not installed properly. Roots, stones, pebbles, and anything under the pool could cause the damage of the pools.
Cuts down on mold
Placing a foam mats for under swimming pool gives an added layer of protection between morning mildew and natural moisture.
Keeps grass and insects at bay
Easy on the feet
A foam mat for under pool benefit extends to swimmers in the pool, too. A soft interlocking foam blocks underneath the pool gives a “soft landing” to people in the water.

Pool EVA Foam Mats For Under Paddling Pool Recommended Uses
With a wide selection of pool EVA mat, friendly and knowledgeable designers and experts can help you decide which foam mats for under paddling pool is best for your space in lawn, Spa, Yoga & exercise and other outside spaces. Whether you want to update your current foam mat for paddling pool, or are installing a new swimming pool, iFoaming is a one-stop-shop for all of your pool EVA mat needs. No matter which option you choose, you can believe that you will get the best service and quality when you buy your foam mats for under-pool from iFoaming.
Yoga & exercise

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Re: My brothers PR Approved

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Hello !

Just wanted to share the good news about my brothers PR. He just got approved this morning after a 22 month wait.

Sharing his profile
Race Indian
Nationality Chinese ( Hong Kong passport )
Age 41
Time in Singapore : 6 years
Job: Managing director of his own trading company ( Importer and Exporter of food and beverage )
Salary : 240k not including companies profits
Divorced and no children
Has 2 staff working for him ( Singaporeans )

He pays quite alot of company tax ( over 200 k annually ) which I think is one of the reasons he may have got it.

Just wanted to share his profile as a give back to everyone who contributes to this wonderful forum.

Thank you

Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk

How did he open a company before obtaining PR?
I thought you need to have a PR to register a company or maybe .....

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Re: PR Approval Probability 2021

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Do let us know of the outcome, and also your profile.

9 months into the application, if they are asking for documents after seeing your profile, I'd assume you have a good chance. Else, they could have just sent a rejection letter (they don't have the docs, but you'd have provided your + your spouse's details to them anyway).

Though the veterans here may think I'm being too optimistic, a lil bit of hope doesn't hurt anyone :) .


No, at least I don't think you are being too optimistic, I think you don't have a clue what you are saying and you definitely haven't done any research on this board either or you wouldn't have made such a statement. :roll:

Hi All,

Just to let you know that the proceed to upload button disappeared on the 23rd of September. Fingers .....

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Re: Sg citizenship approved 2022

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Slight deviation - what was it like to renounce your Indian citizenship? (Rough process and timelines)

Its a very very easy process, thanks to COVID.

You first setup an appointment online on BLS website ( - they have 2 offices, one in Little India, the other in International plaza. You can set up an appointment 5 days in advance, and just like ICA, appointments dry up immediately after they are released (they are released about 10am every day).

The appointment is critical because when I went to International plaza, there was a snaking queue with about 40 people in line. I learnt later that most of them were walk-ins. But because I had an appointment I skipped the queue.

After setting up the appointment, go to the Indian passport website to fill up the application form (, and then print .....

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Re: My citizenship journey

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^ One of my gaming friends from India mentioned that the dialect changes every few miles in India. She said she attended a wedding where the groom was from village A but bride was from village B and a translator was needed for the ceremony. The only common language spoken between both families was English.

It's true. Especially in the vast rural areas, about a 30 to 60 minutes drive away, they could be speaking a different dialect which sometimes is not mutually intelligible with dialects of the neighboring regions.

Would you say that most people in India speak English now? I wouldn't expect those in rural areas to, but in cases like this, where they don't speak the same language, how does anyone communicate?

Definitely, there are many parts of India where English isn't .....

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Re: Dr. Chee Soon Juan

❰❰ Quote:
No way local will give him a chance to lead government.

Those old enough will not forget what he did to Mr Chiam See Tong.
May be new citizen will give him the vote.

His party SDP have 3 MP seat before 1997 election.
After he try to expel Mr Chaim to force him to vacate his MP seat.
During 1997 election, his party lost all 3 seat and never get back any.

He lost his creditable that time.

You might find those lost seats have a lot to do with redrawing of electoral boundaries. The electoral map of Singapore is hilarious. In any case, careful what you believe, what you heard about Chiam probably came from the PAP.

To hear Chee's version of the story, watch this:

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