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Product Manager, Singapore (Job # 818293)

Posted By: humanbubble

Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008

Remuneration: Best Offer

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VetcoGray is one of the newest members of the GE Oil & Gas family and our
combined commitment to customer focus, technology, growth
and unyielding integrity positions us at the forefront of the
oil and gas industry.
As a leading supplier of products, systems and services for
onshore and offshore drilling and production, we have a century
of experience in the oil and gas industry, with a global
workforce of 5000 employees.

We’re reaching new heights and want you to join in our success.


You will be responsible for developing and executing a strategic vision to drive VetcoGray’s growth in its Surface
Products portfolio within the defined Land and Offshore market segments. Working closely with Regional and Functional
Management, Engineering, Sales and Product Marketing, you will develop competitive product offerings through cost
reduction, standardization as well as rationalization programs. In addition, you will identify, justify and implement new
products and technologies via the NPI process. Collaborating with R&D and Engineering, you will also ensure timely
execution of each program and keep them within the budget.
Additionally, you will also be responsible for the assessment and monitoring of competitor products, development of cost
reduction strategies, identification of new products as well as the tracking of product prices. At the same time, you will
gather product requirements from customers and Sales to meet market expectations, work with ITO groups to establish
standard product offerings as well as participate in trade shows throughout the year. You will also develop and publish
a monthly product report on product news as well as the latest product developments, including key metrics on costs,
pricing and volume.
You should possess an MBA or a BS (Engineering), or an equivalent, with more than 3 years’ product/project management
experience in an oilfield-related industry, coupled with strong data-driven processing skills. Proficiency in PC and
presentation skills and experience in oilfield equipment supply are essential. As a good team player, you should also have
the ability to work in a global matrix environment, interacting and coordinating with multiple business functions with
excellent communication skills (verbal and written).

Interested applicants may apply by clicking this link

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