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Home Fully Automatic Coffee Machines

Posted By: colet

Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2022

Price: $1,000.00

Mobile: +13586632646

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Colet has rich fully automatic coffee machine for home or small office use, which covers a high-level one-touch cappuccino coffee machine, and an original automatic espresso machine at a lower price.

Colet factory manufactures 5 models of one touch cappuccino machine, fit with buyers with a different budget on the purchase of automatic cappuccino machines. They are designed with a touch screen, double boiler system, and automatic cappuccino system which is easy to be taken away from the coffee machine and flush by water directly. The model S7-2 with full stainless steel housing with a unique cappuccino system is the highest level product for higher budgets.

In order to meet with more home baristas who have a limited budget for the full auto coffee machine or bean to cup coffee machine with automatic milk frother, Colet also designed 3 models as low price bean to cup espresso machine for promotion sales channels like supermarket, Amazon sales. They are fully automatic coffee machines with cheap prices, enable more bean to cup coffee fans affordable for a full auto espresso machine, and with full bean to cup and milk foam functions, high-quality components on the other hand. Colet also provided an additional optional steam wand as a milk frother for Q007Rs, in order to meet bean to cup coffee fans who also have demand on cappuccino and latte.

As one of the industrial coffee machines suppliers, we provide automatic bean to cup coffee machine, office bean to cup coffee machine, fully automatic coffee and etc. Want to know industrial espresso machine price, or more? Please contact us.

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Re: My citizenship journey

^ No worries about the pinyin. My dialect teacher said that dialects have formal and informal tones too, we are mostly speaking with informal. Formal tone is almost poetic and no one uses it…

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: My citizenship journey

❰❰ Quote:
^ Erm, isn’t it “you char kway” in dialect, not “yu” aka fish. I assume some stallholders aren’t local and probably from PRC so they don’t understand dialect either. We have that “Speak Mandarin only on TV” policy to thank for the youngsters not being able to converse in dialect. You can still find dialects spoken in older estates and coffeeshops.

Anyway, the dialects spoken here will also be slightly different than the ones spoken in China too. Like bread has been given the local term “lor ti” but it’s actually called “mi bao” in dialect back in China. Quite a lot of dialect terms here are borrowed from Malay/Indian words.

And due to the cultural revolution, the practice of burning incense sticks/paper is no longer widespread in China. Some “traditional” practices still exist in SEA but don’t happen in China anymore. Even religion isn’t common, my ex-PRC turned SC colleague said their .....

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Re: Why Men Cheat

❰❰ Quote:
I read somewhere that this is by design, biologically.
Men and women are created differently.
Men's instinct is to go and mate with as many women as possible inorder to further their genes.
While women's instinct is to choose the best men to get impregnated, because women have limited amount of eggs, so it is in their interest to choose only the best.

You can see this in most animal species too.

It reminds me of this animal, blue legged bird that I watched at NatGeo Animal, especially at 1.52 minute scene. :D
But I think this video is more suitable if the topic is about, how to impress the ladies (at the beginning part) :D

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Re: My citizenship journey

MOCHS, it's true that the dialects spoken here are different from China. I was told that there is even a difference between Penang Hokkien and Singapore Hokkien, even though this was all Malaya not too long ago. Similarly, my wife speaks Cantonese, but tells me that the way they speak it is different from say Hong Kong. However, I suppose, no dialect vs some dialect are 2 very different things.

Speaking about other cultural aspects being different from China, I guess it has partially to do with geography as you alluded to. The other influence, specifically for China (for instance "there is no God") has to do with the communist party in China doctoring culture the way they saw fit.

If I'm not wrong, they have a similar speak Mandarin only policy in China which attempts to eventually replace not only dialects but also entire languages (example, Tibetan) and standardize to Mandarin. However, due to the sheer size of China, dialects still survive in the smaller towns and rural areas .....

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Re: PR Approval Probability 2021

❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:
❰❰ Quote:
Do let us know of the outcome, and also your profile.

9 months into the application, if they are asking for documents after seeing your profile, I'd assume you have a good chance. Else, they could have just sent a rejection letter (they don't have the docs, but you'd have provided your + your spouse's details to them anyway).

Though the veterans here may think I'm being too optimistic, a lil bit of hope doesn't hurt anyone :) .

Any news? Hope you got it =D>


No, at least I don't think you are being too optimistic, I think you don't have a clue what you are saying and you definitely haven't done any research on this board either or you wouldn't have made such a statement. :roll:

Hi All,

Just to let you know that the proceed to upload button disappeared .....

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