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PDA Barcode Scanners

Posted By: SuperLead

Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2022

Price: $10.00

Mobile: +86-185-50166866

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Superlead PDA Barcode Scanner
As a composite device integrating software and hardware, barcode scanner pda have been iteratively upgraded with the development of software, hardware and communication technology. With the development of related technologies and the enrichment of application scenarios, functions such as printing, barcode scanning, fingerprint recognition, IC card reading, GPS positioning, etc. PDA scanners have emerged at the historic moment, and barcode PDA functions and convenience are also increasing day by day. SuperLead barcode scanner PDA adopts brand-new "super-scanning" decoding technology, precise scanning of optical grade, global high-performance image scanning head, and "over-speed" reading of one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes and special barcodes. Supporting 4G and wifi, bluetooth 5.0 makes information transmission farther, faster and safer.

Features of PDA
A new generation of 8-core processor, with a main camera of 13MP, helps to upgrade the performance.

Support dual card and dual standby, and the battery can be disassembled and replaced without shutdown.

3 GB RAM 32 GB ROM large-capacity memory with 128G expandable storage.

IP65 industrial protection grade.

PDA Barcode Scanner Android
SuperLead PDA Android barcode scanner is a powerful performance mobile smart terminal for business. Developed based on Android 10/Android 8.1 operating system, it features a high-performance processor and is equipped with a dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN wireless module to provide a stable and guaranteed network connection with fast response time, even in environments with weak or poor signals.

Barcode scanner pda is made of high quality and durable industrial grade material, which can meet the demand of sturdy and durable use, and its size and weight are more inclined to light-weight process, which is conducive to the load-free operation of female staff. Now widely used in a variety of industry scenarios, especially for various stores and light industrial grade warehouses.

This Android PDA barcode scanners is more focused on flexibility and quick reading experience, even in extreme conditions can maintain strong performance, to help users quickly realize information technology.

What is a barcode scanner pda used for?
In the field of warehouse management and logistics express delivery, faced with piles of products, SuperLead barcode PDA has achieved automatic data collection and information traceability processing in every operation link, and realized intelligent work and management. It not only greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of the operation, but also helps to improve the user's service experience and satisfaction.

As a barcode machine supplier, we can offer types of Bluetooth scanner for sale, if you have needs, please contact us.

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Mal, not everyone calls it "holy matrimony". Only Christians do as far as I know (I'm catholic by the way).

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