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Embedded Barcode Scanner

Posted By: SuperLead

Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2022

Price: $10.00

Mobile: +86-185-50166866

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Superlead Barcode Embedded Scanner
Flexible embedded structure design can meet the requirements of various embedded barcode scanner, including but not limited to fixing embedded code readers on machines and equipment from inside and outside. The embedded QR code reader is integrated into the self-service cash register and applied to large supermarkets, which is convenient for citizens to pay by self-service cash register. Integrated to bus, subway and highway toll collection offices, providing a stable and reliable code scanning experience for high-frequency code scanning scenarios; Integrated into various self-service terminals, including cash registers, vending machines, express cabinets, registration machines, etc., to help build a "smart city".

How does a 2D barcode scanner work?
The light emitted by the light source is irradiated onto the bar code symbol through the optical system, and the reflected light is imaged on the photoelectric converter through the optical system, so as to generate an electrical signal. After the signal is amplified by the circuit, an analog voltage is generated, which is proportional to the reflected light irradiated on the bar code symbol. After filtering and shaping, a square wave signal corresponding to the analog signal is formed, which is interpreted by the decoder as a digital signal that can be directly accepted by the computer.

OEM Barcode Scanner Module Benefits
The Embedded OEM barcode inbuilt qr code scanner module with a compact shape, high integration and strong 2D decoding ability can be easily embedded into various industry terminals such as vending machines, self-service ordering machines, group purchase verification ticket machines, self-service payment devices, government machines, community express cabinets, access control gates and other fields such as one-card, handheld machines and medical devices, etc. It can be used in almost any rapid reading of cell phone screen 2D codes (including scanning identification paper codes, WeChat payment code, etc.) and paper documents on the barcode application areas.

With the characteristics of high-cost performance and application flexibility, it is suitable for popularization and application in various industries.

The scanning module breaks through the working mode of previous superlead scanners and reasonably separates the barcode data collection and identification work, which strongly reduces the application cost and not only provides great convenience for third-party integrators and solutions for more applications but also provides convenience for more applications in the future.

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