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Types of Surgical Staplers

Posted By: lepumedical

Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2022

Price: $100.00

Mobile: +86-10-80120666

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Types of Surgical Staplers

Disposable Circular Stapler
Super-thin anvil
Bigger inner cutting diameter
Imported titanium staples

Disposable Linear Staplers
Widely used in the reconstruction of digestive tract and the closure of the stump or incision in other organs' resection surgery.

Dispsable Curved Cutter Stapler
Enhanced visibility, easy to operate.
Narrow pelvis space, curved cutting suturing benefit surgery effect.
Simultaneously cutting and suturing.

Disposable Linear Cutters
Suitable for the reconstruction of digestive tract and the construction of stoma in the organ resection surgery and the closure of the stump or incision.

Disposable Hemorrhoids Stapler
Minimum suturing space, avoid excessive pressure on tissues.
Adjustable cutting thickness.
Rational staple arrangement, reduce bleeding after procedure.

Disposable Endoscopic Articulating Linear Stapler and Cartridge
Two cartridge types
Three effective cutting length
Four staple heights​

Disposable Clip Applier
Suitable for occluding blood vessel and other tissue structures in endoscopic surgery or open surgery.

Disposable Skin Stapler and Remover
Suture wounded skin and surgical incision.

Surgical Accessories
Full range of surgical accessories, high quality product portfolio.

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Rate my chances of getting an EP.

Nationality: Malaysian
Race: Chinese, 26 years old Female
Education background:
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2. NYP Diploma (Class of 2016, Full Time)

Salary: 3.3k
Occupation: Project Engineer in Oil and Gas Industry

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If we apply EP by solely declaring my Diploma qualification, will I get the EP approved?
I heard it is easier for Malaysian Chinese to get EP.

Thank you all.

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❰❰ Quote:
^ He applied for his wife in June 2021, got a rejection in Jan 2022, is it wise for him to apply so soon this year with minimal changes to salary and a baby?

SC Baby is more than enough to tilt the application to be +. I will wait till end of year and then apply early next year then.

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